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How do you Change the wheel bearing on a 1997 blazer 2 wheel drive Can you change just the wheel bearing on this year truck and model?

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2007-01-22 06:37:54

yes you can "IF" its two wheel drive first remove brake caliper

remove dust cap cotter pin-lock-remove nut outside bearing will

come out if you want to remove inside bearing "witch you should"

remove rotor wich is already loose pry of rear seal and install

inside bearing make sure to pack them with grease but not to much

cause it will make a vacume lock and they wont go in install in

reverse tighten large nutas hard as you can with a cressent wrench

and back it off a 1\4 turn put lock on then cotter pin thon dust

cap if dust cap pops out you have to much grease!! its messy but

not that hard

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