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yes you can "IF" its two wheel drive first remove brake caliper remove dust cap cotter pin-lock-remove nut outside bearing will come out if you want to remove inside bearing "witch you should" remove rotor wich is already loose pry of rear seal and install inside bearing make sure to pack them with grease but not to much cause it will make a vacume lock and they wont go in install in reverse tighten large nutas hard as you can with a cressent wrench and back it off a 1\4 turn put lock on then cotter pin thon dust cap if dust cap pops out you have to much grease!! its messy but not that hard

2007-01-22 06:37:54
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Q: How do you Change the wheel bearing on a 1997 blazer 2 wheel drive Can you change just the wheel bearing on this year truck and model?
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how do I get to the front bearing on a geo 4 wheel drive

How do change 2002 KIA sportage drive shaft center support bearing?

From my understanding there is no way to change the center support bearing I was told you have to change the axle to change it and then they said, theres no way to change it so I have to break down and buy a whole new driveshaft

How do you change a hanger bearing on a Ford truck?

you don't, you have to replace the whole drive shaft.

Is wheel bearing on a 4 wheel drive Chevy blazer pressed in?

no the hub and bearing are 1 peice and pretty easy to changs

How do you change the front wheel bearing on a 2002 Chevy Monte Carlo rear wheel drive?

2002 Monte carlos are not rear wheel drive

Will a transmission from a 1983 4X4 S10 blazer work in a 1986 2wheel drive S10 blazer if you change out the tail shafts.Both are 2.8 liter?

The shaft inside the trans will have to be changed it is longer in a 2 wheel drive and the taIL SHAFT.

Can you change a 1986 4x4 s10 Chevy blazer to a two wheel drive?

yes you can. just take off the front driveshaft from the transfercase. there you go, 2 wheel drive.

How do you change the rear wheel bearing on a 1998 Chevy Monte Carlo rear wheel drive?

That's never going to happen as the 98 Monte is front drive.

Why is my front wheel drive car roar while driving and change pitch while turning?

Sounds like to me you need a wheel bearing

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How do you change the front wheel bearing on a 1998 Chevy Monte Carlo ls front wheel drive?

y the chevys suck it cant help it

Can you take out the drive axles on blazer and still even when you take off the cv joints and still drive the car?

No, the end of the cv shaft is what holds the wheel bearing together.No, the end of the cv shaft is what holds the wheel bearing together.

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How do you change the front bearings on a 2001 S10 4 wheel drive?

Remove the tire and wheel. Remove the axle end cap. Remove the wheel bearing seal. Remove the wheel bearing. Reverse the process to install the new wheel bearings.

What tools are needed to change a wheel bearing?

Bearing needs to be pressed old out and new pressed in. Cost about $40 to have it removed from auto shop. But you can install it by chilling (freezer) the replacement bearing overnight and then heat the hub (200 oven don't want to melt the inner bearing seal) and drive the new bearing in with a soft hammer or wood block. Don't forget the bearing seals innerfirst before the bearing and then outer after bearing is in. Best to remove hub and do it on a bench.

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