How do you Fix a broken lock on a house door?

Door Lock Fix Help Around the House : Episode ARH-136 -- More Projects » Home repair expert Henry Harrison shares an idea for repairing an old door lock that no longer locks when the door shuts. Part of the problem is that the strike plate is not recessed deep enough in the door. Harrison shows how to smooth out a flat spot in the bolt, and recess the strike plate just a bit. On his elbow grease scale of one to four, Harrison gives this job a one. Tools: hammer




Emory cloth

brass screws

Figure A

Figure B

Figure C Steps: 1. Remove the plate from the lock (figure A). Some locks have another plate beneath the first one, and you will have to remove the entire doorknob mechanism. 2. Slide off the interior doorknob by pressing in on the retaining pin with a small screwdriver. Slide the knob off once the pin is depressed (figure B). 3. Loosen the screws on the inner side of the lock (figure C) and slide the mechanism out.

Figure D

Figure E 4. Use the hammer and chisel to deepen the socket for the strike plate (figure D). 5. Run the fine edge of a file over the end of the locking arm until it's smooth and shiny (figure E). Gently file in one direction and polish with an Emory cloth. 6. Reassemble the lock and test the door. Also in this Episode Help Around the House : Episode ARH-136 • Install Storage Shelves • Door Lock Fix • Install Porch Railing • Toolbox: Drywall Tools Tools Print View

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