How do you Remove ignition lock on a 75 Corvette with tilt and telescoping steering?

You need to buy a set screw from your local hardware store. The size on my 1985 corvette was 5/16 - 18 I believe. This set screw is a bolt with no head and it takes an Allen key to tighten. This will lock the shaft in the column so that the steering wheel puller will allow you to remove the steering wheel from the shaft and it will allow the lock plate compressor to compress the lock plate so that the retaining snap ring may be removed. The snap ring can be a pain I ususally use two small flat head screw drivers. Once past the steering wheel, and lock plate, three screws are required to be removed to move the turn signal switch, also it is best to take out the screw that holds on the turn signal arm and move it out of the way. The lock and tumbler is held in with one bolt usually and it is either a star or Allen.

All pretty straight forward once you get the set screw. If you notice, the mechanism that normally locks the telescoping steering column just has basically a bolt that threads in to lock the shaft in place.