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orayl is the answer

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Q: How do you Remove wrinkles in vinyl liners?
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How do you remove wrinkles in a vinyl tablecloth?

An iron on low heat with a towel between the iron and the tablecloth.

Is vinyl pool liners same as plastic?

Yes vinyl is a type of plastic

Who installs inground vinyl liners in Houston?

Garret Vinyl Pools Inc. 281-855-7000

how do i remove mold from vinyl?

how do i remove mold from vinyl

Are all pool liners made of vinyl or is there a better choice for longevity?

Not all pools have pool liners, some are simply painted concrete. Depends upon your type of pool. If you are concerned with longivity, then consider a thicker vinyl.

What is the difference between Mil and Gauge thickness in pool liners?

See this link:

How can you get wrinkles out of an inground vinyl pool?

== Is the water in?== Once the water's in, you're cooked.

What causes wrinkles in a pool liner?

Pool liners can wrinkle because of many different factors. The main reason a pool liner wrinkles is a low pH in the water.

What causes pool liners to wrinkle?

The wrinkle in pool liners causes due to following reasons Pool chemicals - The High chlorine and low pH cause vinyl liners to contract and form the wrinkle. Underground water

How do you remove wrinkles from a vinyl flannel backed tablecloth?

I toss them in the dryer on low heat for few minutes. You may want to set a timer. If left too long it could melt.

Do ants eat swimming pool liners?

Yes, ants and termites are both very destructive to vinyl pool liners. A good pest control person can help eliminate this.

Will wrinkles in vinyl pool liner affect life expectancy?

Wrinkles in a pool liner do not actually decrease the pool linerâ??s life expectancy. They are just an esthetic issue.

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