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You have to lay on the ground and reach your arm all the way up (right next to the exhaust/tail pipes. So do this with engine cold so you don't burn your arm)until your fingers reach the bulb connector. Then, turn the connector counter-clockwise until it won't turn anymore (approx. 1/4 turn) then pull it out from the lense assembly housing. Unfortunatally, since you can't get your other hand up there, you will have to be clever and unscrew the bulb from where it plugs in to the connector assembly, using the same hand. Installing the new bulb will require the same method, (reversed).

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Q: How do you access and change the outboard tail light bulbs in a 1984 Corvette?
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What is an easy way to change the bulbs for the console gauges on a 79 Corvette?


How do you change the brake light bulbs on a 1994 Chevy Corvette?

Change brake light bulbs Just remove the rear license plate. You can change the backup lights and brake light easily.

How do you Change licence plate bulbs on a Honda Civic?

Well if you open your trunk you will be able to access your plate bulbs and help you change them with ease.

How do you change tail light bulbs on 1994 Geo?

remove the felt lining in the trunk. this will allow you access to the bulbs.

How do you change daytime running light bulb in c5 corvette?

The daytime run lamps are your high beam bulbs with a module that cuts the amount of amperage that just dims the bulbs. Just change high beam bulb.

Why Taillights not working on 1975 Corvette?

Bulbs blown?

How do you change a headlamp on a 2002 Chevy Blazer?

If you can't access the bulbs take the light assy off and turn the bulbs counterclockwise to remove them

How do you fix the light on the odometer?

Remove the dash cluster to gain access to the back of the cluster to change the bulbs.

How do you change the left running light on a 2002 silverado 1500?

Remove the headlight assembly to gain access to the bulbs.

How do you change bulbs in a 1997 Blazer?

There are many bulbs on a vehicle, need to know which bulbs you want to change.

1980 corvette dash lights problen half lights come on?

check the Bulbs

How do you change the brake lights in a 1993 Ford Thunderbird?

Entire assembly should unbolt and slide out giving access to the bulbs

What is the best way to access the brake light bulbs on 1984 Corvette?

Take off the rear license plate, and go through that opening, or if you prefer, it is also popular to reach up from below the rear bumper.

How do you access the tail lights on a 1986 corvette?

Take off the rear licence plate, there's a hole under there that is used to replace bulbs, or you may need to go from below the bumper all the way up.

How do you access climate control module to change light bulbs on 95 Lincoln mark viii?

remove module and remove top. have to sodder new bulbs in. or can buy one on eBay for about 30.00

How do you change front signal bulbs on a 2002 Chevy S-10?

Remove the headlight assemblies and you will have access to the signal bulbs. See sources and related links below for bulb information.

On a 1995 Ford Probe GT how do you access the fog light bulbs in the front of the vehicle in order to change them?

Hello You can get access to the light bulbs from behind the fog lights. Simply reach behind and remove the burned bulb by disconnecting electrical connection plug. Cheers

Change fog light 2001 grand am?

There are 3 or 4 bolts on a plastic flap. remove them and there will be access to the fog light housing. twist out the old bulbs an change.

How do you change a Mercedes clk license plate light?

from inside the trunk pop all of the plastic rivots and you can access the bulbs from the inside..

How to change Corvette brake light bulbs?

What year corvette? I have a 1989 Coupe and I removed the fuel door and the fuel boot and reached in through the access. You have to have skinny arms, though. It's a tight fit. I've read where some remove the inner fender, possibly the spare tire too or remove the rear fascia. Never tried those since I have skinny arms and can reach through after removing fuel door and boot.

How do you change license plate bulbs on mercedes c280?

They are located inside the trunk lid, underneath the felt lining. You need to unsnap and pull back the felt lining to access the bulbs for the license plate light.

How do you change a headlamp on a GMC Envoy?

On a 2004 envoy, open the hood and on the top of the headlight assy there are two tabs that you pull up allowing you to pull the headlamp assy forward and access the the bulbs. These are halogen bulbs so remember to wear gloves when handling the bulbs.

How do you change the light bulb for the heater control on a 2006 Tahoe?

To change the light bulb for the heater control on the 2006 Tahoe, you will either need to replace the entire climate control panel or remove and re-solder the bulbs. You can remove the bulbs by first removing the dashboard bezel and then the dash itself. Access the bulbs and pull them out of the control panel. Solder new bulbs into the panel.?æ

How do you replace Dash light bulbs in a 1995 Mercury Villager?

You have to remove the instrument cluster to get access to the bulbs.

How do you change the bulbs in the top tail light of a 1996 Nissan Altima?

open your trunk to get access to your tail light, unscrew some plastic snap-on-screws to get to the panel that holds all your tail lights move the fabric uncling the panel CAREFULLY and change your burn bulbs