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They are both located under the plastic wiper cowl in the area between the hood and windshield. Remove the wipers (if you aren't sure how to do that you pull the tabs about 3/4 of the way out) then you remove the screws in the wiper cowl. Once it is removed you should see both the wiper motor and control bar.

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Q: How do you access the windshield wiper motor and control bar of a 1993 Jeep Cherokee?
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Where is the wiper control module for a 2001 Chevy Cavalier?

Its attached to the windshield wiper motor you will have to remove the cowl to get access to it.

What could be wrong with a 1991 jeep Cherokee if just the windshield wipers went out?


Where is the windshield wiper control module?

The windshield wiper control module is usually in the fuse box located in the engine compartment of most automobiles. Sometimes the windshield wiper control module is located on the firewall next to the windshield wiper motor.

On a 1995 Jeep Cherokee where is the switch that controls windshield wiper speeds?


How do you change the wiper motor on a 1991 Jeep Wrangler?

The windshield needs to be folded into the down position to access the wiper motor. There are a couple cut-outs in the metal of the cowl that allows access to the wiper motor & linkage. There are release bolts on either side of the windshield & of course the top needs to be off.

Where is the windshield wiper control module for a 2000 Malibu?

in the front side of the wiper motor

What causes slow windshield wipers on a 1994 Jeep Cherokee I replaced the wiper motor but there was no change.?

Weak battery or alternator output.

Where is the access panel to the fan motor for a 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee?

Fan motor should be located at the passenger side firewall

Does one motor control both windshield wiper blades on a 1997 Nissan Sentra?


Where is windshield wiper control module on 2002 trailblazer?

on the bottom of the wiper motor. its where the cables plug into

Where is windshield wiper motor in Dodge Ram 1999 turbo diesel cummins?

It is under the cowl at the base of the windshield. You will have to remove the wiper arms and the cowl cover to access.

How do you access and change the windshield washer motor pump in a 1992 Chevrolet Cavalier?

It is located in the washer fluid reservoir.

How do you access backside of engine in 98 Plymouth Voyager?

If its like a 96 you remove the windshield wiper motor and assembly

Where is the windshield washer motor?

The windshield washer motor is located on the passenger side firewall

Where is the ac blower in a 1987 Mercedes 300E?

you access the fan blower by removing the windshield wiper motor from the outside of the car.

Where is the windshield wiper motor on a 1999 Jeep Cherokee Classic located?

under grill between bonnet [hood] and windscreen you need to remove grill to get to it

How do you fix a nonworking rear windshield wiper in a 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee if the windshield wiper motor is good?

If the wiper motor is good and the motor shaft turns when the wiper is on then you need to check the linkage for the wiper arm. the rear wiper motors and switches are notorious for going bad in the jgc you may have lost your switch.

Where is the blower motor located on a 1993 Jeep Cherokee country?

I have a 95 Cherokee Country and I guess they are the same. The motor is on the firewall under the hood on the passenger side behind the washer fluid container. You will need to remove the fluid reservoir to access the bolts holding the motor in.

How do you change windshield wiper motor on 1994 dodge ram?

Remove the windshield wiper arm from the windshield wiper motor. Remove the wiring harness. Remove the retaining nut. Reverse the process to install the new windshield wiper motor.

Why would windshield wiper not work on Mercedes c-class?

a bad fuse, control module (that little thing you use to turn on your wipers), or the windshield wiper motor is bad.

Where is the windshield wiper control circuit board on a 2003 Chevy Express van?

The board is under the cap in the Wiper Motor.

Where is the windshield washer motor on a Ford Aerostar?

The windshield washer motor is mounted nside the windshield washer resovoir, you will see the electrical plug going to it towards the bottom.

What panel has to be removed to access the Wiper Motors for a 98 Wrangler?

The metal panel between the hood and windshield is removed to service the wiper motor.

What should you check if the windshield wipers stopped working in an 89 Jeep Cherokee Limited 4wd?

The fuse, if not, then the switch, then the motor, but by then you will also need a test light and/or a DMM.

Does a 95 Jeep Grand Cherokee have a IAC sensor?

It has an IAC ( idle air control ) motor on the throttle body.