How do you achieve good communication?

a good comunication,well there is a few awnsers for that question it just depends what kind of way you are meening it in.Here are a few awnsers that may help for,i don't really know what kind of comunication you meen here are my suggestions. 1.a good comunication can meen that you keep well in touch that is what a good comunication can meen.Here is another. 2.a good communication can ALSO meen that a good relation ship will never be broken for if you have a good communication with the person such as:boyfriend,husband or family that doesn't reall matter but what it really meens in this occasion is that ypu have a good secure realtion ship with the person.Here is 1 more. 3.oh and you want to know how to ACHIEVE one oh i have mis read your question well here is you'r PROPER can achieve one by swappind addresses if you have been i can also chat alot to the person to show them you are interested! email me who ever wants an awnser i am a prpfesianol! thanks!ever have a problem tell me!