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If you are talking about blog post then there are many companies which provides you free blogs setups like PHPBB, VBulletin etc..... just install them and start blogging.

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โˆ™ 2007-07-28 10:35:25
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Q: How do you add a post function to your site?
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Go to the website and get the rss feeds of a site to put in your blogger site. In your blogger site, add a gadget for RSS and copy the RSS links of the website and click save.

I work with an awesome company that will hire anyone without discrimination. How does a company post this on your site? is a site primarily established to provide answers to questions. It isn't a site structured to post statements about companies nor to promote companies, however worthwhile their work might be. Therefore, there is no opportunity to post any commercial content about your company. However, we always welcome contributors who are able to add useful and accurate answers to questions on the site. You are most welcome to browse the questions and add answers where you are able to do so.

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This is very easy to post Videos and Pictures. When you log-in your blog. First Click new post. Type Post Title. Then click the Add media. There from you can Add Pictures and Supported Video File. Then you can Insert your post and Published.

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to navgaite it

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In like page you need to add blog and from there you can post new blogs as it differs from a normal page and its not same as page.

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Go to your blog's dashboard. On the right, click on Posts > Add New. You can then write your post, and then add tags, photos, etc., and then click publish.

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Possibly because you didn't have an account for the site...but now I can see that you can post a question. Really, it doesn't matter now.

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