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How do you add a shower to a traditional bath without tearing out walls or replacing pipes?

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For that to be done safely, I would call a contractor.

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there is no way to do this without cutting hole behind tub, if no hole could be cut then you would have to come in from the front. I would not do this if i had to come in from front unless you where ready to retile.

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In the past, I have seen ads in home improvement magazines which showed a hose type shower extention which used a rubber coupling which slipped over the bathtub spiggot, and which then clipped into a bracket which mounted to the wall ABOVE the tile line. I also saw ads for a similar device, except that it was a REPLACEMENT spiggot with the hose permanently attached to its side. With this one, you would remove the old spiggot by simply unscrewing it and installing the new one without having to damage any tile or wall. It has been a long time since I last read a home improvement mag, so I don't know if the products I've described are still available.j3h.

There is a website that sells shower valves which cover your old Plumbing and keep you from having to tear out a bunch of tile. Some minimal tile removal may be necessary but the shower fixtures will cover it. You can find them at

2009-11-09 18:12:32
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Q: How do you add a shower to a traditional bath without tearing out walls or replacing pipes?
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Capital City Bath Systems can get what you need 760 N Front St, Steelton, PA - (717) 939-2878

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