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How do you add freon to a Pontiac Grand Am?

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2008-03-18 05:43:09

It is best to have the system tested for leaks, but if you

really do want to add Freon, get a R134 can and hose kit from Kmart

or Walmart, or Partsource. You need to be very careful doing this.

Observe safety precautions. WEAR GOGGLES AND GLOVES and be VERY

sure you fill from the low pressure side. You need to fill it from

under the car, so if you can lift the front, or find a ramp or curb

to let the front hang over, it's a little easier. Get under the car

and find the compressor. The fill valve is close to the compressor.

Unscrew the cap and judge how the hose will fit on. It's a tight

fit. Now, get a 1/2 gallon pail of warm water (not hot). The freon

flows best if the can is warmed. Mount the hose to the can, and

start the engine and turn on the A/C to max. Verify the compressor

clutch has kicked in. If it does not, the system may be too low and

not engaging the low pressure sense switch. Probably best to get it

checked if that's the case. If it is engaging, connect the freon

hose to the low side fitting. Open the freon valve, and set the can

in the warm water. After about 5-10 minutes, the can should be

empty and floating. Close the freon valve and carefully (and

quickly) remove the hose from the inlet. Let the freon circulate

and check the A/C output. DO NOT OVERFILL the system. If it's still

not cooling very well, you might try another can, BUT NOT MORE THAN

the two. There may be other issues.

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