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It is illegal to do that unless you pay royalties. Assuming that you do, you will need to use an MP4 ripper. They are hard to get because very few people use them for legal purposes. The easiest way to get one is on Limewire or Kazaa or some other P2P file sharing network. Just search for "ripper" or "mp4 ripper" or "mp4 mp3". Then you can use this program to convert the protected MP4 (all downloads from the iTunes music store are protected MP4's) into an unprotected MP3, which you can either post to the server or convert to another audio format using Quicktime or Audacity. If you have trouble getting this to work with a ripper (they tend to be unstable and unreliable), do a Google search for Wire Tap Pro; this will let you convert a protected MP4 into an AIFF file. However, it takes longer to do than it would with a ripper, and you have to pay for it. -DJ Craig

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Q: How do you add music from iTunes to a Piczo website?
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How do you add music to a Piczo website?

How to add music to your piczoTo put music on your piczo you must first go to a website like and then choose a song or music video that you would like on your site and then copy the HTML code under the video or song. Then go to your piczo editor and go to cotrols, then go to HTML and add the HTML that the site gave you. Here is more input and advice:In a piczo website, currently uploading your own music is not allowed but you are allowed to put only backgroud music. It can be found in Tools menu in the Editor mode.

How do you upload music on your piczo site?

To put music on your piczo you must first go to a website like and then choose a song or music video that you would like on your site and then copy the HTML code under the video or song. Then go to your piczo editor and go to controls, then go to HTML and add the HTML that the site gave you.

How move music from computer to iTunes?

To add music that you have on your computer to your iTunes library you can select the music and drag it's icon into the iTunes icon in the Dock. Alternatively select Add to Library... from the iTunes file menu and select the music you wish to add.

How do you add music from Miro to iTunes?

Open Miro... Click on Miro... Prefrences... Folders... Change... Admin... Music... iTunes... iTunes media... Automatically Add to iTunes (on a macbook, not sure about pc)

How do you add music on the internet for people to download?

You can't really add music to the internet unless your famous or something. But what you can do is if you are starting a band and have recorded some music, you can make a piczo or myspace account and put it on there. Or you can make an actual website for your band and put the music on there so people can hear it.

How do you add music from iPod to iTunes?

Usually, you can add music from iTunes to iPod easily. But from iPod to iTunes, which it is not so easy. i think you need some other software to help.

How do you add a theme to your piczo?

You can choose your Piczo page theme when you add new page.

How do you add music to ipod from LimeWire?

Music is put on the iPod by iTunes. Downloaded music must first be added to the iTunes Libray by iTunes [File > Add to Library], then iTunes will put it onto the iPod. If necessary, music must converted into a format that is usable by iTunes. This depends on your set up. iTunes will try to convert files as it adds them to the library.

How do you get music from LimeWire to iTunes library?

under the folders your itunes gets music from add the limewire saved folder

Is rekkless roh on iTunes and where can his music be downloaded?

you cant dowload bad music on itunes add him on facebook and get him to link you up

How do you add your own music to iTunes?

How do you transfer music from your pc to your iTunes account?

Put all of the music files in a folder on your desktop then go to the corner in itunes and click add file to library and it should add it.

How do you add music from your laptop to iTunes?

You open itunes and click file. Then you click "Add File to Library...". After that browse for the song and click ok.

How can i download songs from youtube onto itunes for free?

you have to download a free website which is sharebear and you add music onto there and then onto your i-pod or whatever! easy!

How do you put music from a folder on your computer onto itunes so I can play it on my ipod?

Clicking on the music's icon and dragging it into the iTunes window will add it to the iTunes library or select Add To Library... from the iTunes File menu.

How do you get free music on iPhone without apps?

If you have RealPlayer, you can convert YouTube videos into mp3 files and add that to iTunes and then add album and artist in iTunes

Do you use up your downloads playing your music file in iTunes?

Your music played in iTunes is stored on your computer and playing it does not add anything to your download limitations.

How do you transfer a music library to an iPad?

Add library to iTunes. Sync.

Do you have to get music off iTunes if you have an ipod?

The iTunes software will link to the iPod but you do not need to purchase music from the iTunes store as you can add music from any source; such as your own CDs or music files already on your computer. Other retailers, such as Amazon, provide downloading software which allows any music you purchase from them to be automatically added to your iTunes music library.

How do you download music from the Internet to iTunes?

You first download the music file onto you computer with an .mp3 extension. Then you open iTunes and click File (menu) > Add File To Library. Then you select your music file to open, and it will import into iTunes.

How do you paste songs on itunes using 2011 MacBook Pro?

You don't paste song on iTunes.!. Set up the preferences and decide if you want iTunes to make copies of your music, or just use them in their current location. If you make copies you will have everythin in the Library, but you will use twice as much disk space.(You can change this to suit you.)2. Add music by dragging the music to the iTunes Dock icon.3. If you have music on a CD set the iTunes prefs to copythe music to the library when you insert a CD. Then when you eject the CD you still have the songs. Set the prefs back to notcopy music to the Library.4. You can also add music with the iTunes menu "Add to Library"

How do you export music from iTunes to musicmatch jukebox?

If your itunes "tunes" are stored locally ion your computer I.E. C:\My Documents\itunes etc, open MMJB select add to library and select the folder where the itunes music is stored.

How do you add songs on iPod touch?

You must have itunes installed on your computer to add music to your iPod Touch.

Where you get music for your itune?

You can add music to the iTunes software from any CDs that you may have, mp3 music files on your computer, or you can buy music from the iTunes store or any other retailer that provides a download service such as Amazon.

Is it free to download music from iTunes wih a CD?

If it's from your CD then yes, you've already bought the music. All you need to do is put in and let itunes add the songs to your music library. In the iTunes Preferences you can tell iTunes what to do when you put a CD into the computer (ie Play it or import it) and set the Import Settings to how you want the music imported into your iTunes library.