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Pull out the Transmission Fluid dipstick. Use a small thin funnel and add it right through the place the dipstick came out of. Just make sure you are getting the transmission dipstick and not the engine oil dipstick. Use only Toyota transmission fluid (available at dealer or as not all types are compatible.

The engine should be warmed up, and running at idle on level ground to check the fluid level. Do not overfill or it will foam and then you will have real big problems.

The dipstick will have two readings, cold and hot. The transmission is not necessarily hot when the engine is.

To warm up the transmission, you should drive for about 30 minutes.

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Q: How do you add transmission fluid to a 1998 Toyota Camry?
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How much transmission fluid for Toyota Camry 1998?

3 qt

What kind of brake fluid does Toyota Camry 1998 take?

A Toyota Camry built in 1998 takes DOT 3 brake fluid. This is the standard brake fluid for passenger cars.

What kind of transmission fluid for a 1998 Toyota Corolla?

You can use any kind of SAE certified transmission fluid in your 1998 Toyota Corolla. The manufacturer recommends that you never overfill the transmission fluid.

Would a 1998 Toyota Camry motor fit in a 1999 Toyota Camry?

Will a 1998 Toyota Camry motor fit in a 1999 Toyota Camry

Where is the transmission fluid dip stick of a toyota camry 1998 4 cylinder?

You can find it in between the battery and the upper radiator hose. It usually has a yellow-colored handle.

How much hp does a Toyota Camry 1998 v6 have?

The 1998 Toyota Camry V6 has about 150HP

How often to change transmission fluid on 1998 Camry xle?

100K miles transmission oil flush & change.

Will a 1995 Toyota Camry motor fit in a 1998 Toyota Camry?

No, it will not.

Need a diagram of a 1998 Toyota Camry timing chain?

Toyota Camry 1998 has a timing belt.

How do you change a charcoal canister for 1998 Toyota Camry?

how to removed charcoal canister for toyota camry 1998 6cyc

How do you replace serpentine belt for 1998 Toyota Camry?

The 1998 Camry did not have a serpentine belt. Do you have a 1998 Corolla?

How to replace air vent switch for a 1998 Toyota Camry?

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Why wont your 1998 Toyota Camrys engine and transmission connect?

You need to make sure that you have transmission fluid. And its level is proper.

What type of power steering fluid do I use for a 1998 Camry?

Power steering requires Dextron ll or Dextron llll automatic transmission fluid.

Will a 1996 or 1997 or 1998 Toyota Camry hood fit on 1999 Toyota Camry.?

1997 and 1998 will fit on 1999. 1996 is a different model.

Will 1998 Toyota Camry wheels fit on a 1997 Toyota Corolla?

No, it will not.

How many fuses boxes are on a 1998 Toyota Camry?

There is only one fuse box on a Toyota Camry.

What is the capacity of a radiator on a 1998 Toyota Camry?

The radiator capacity for a 1998 Toyota Camry is two gallons. This includes coolant stored in the engine block and radiator.

What kind of transmission fluid does a 1998 Toyota Tacoma take?

dextron at any auto parts store

How often should you change the transmission fluid in a 1998 Toyota 4runner V6?

Every 15,000 miles.

How much oil in 4 cylinder 1998 Toyota?

Toyota Camry 1998 takes 4 liters

Can rims from a 1998 Toyota Camry fit on a 1994 Lexus GS 300?

No, rims from a 1998 Toyota Camry will not fit on a Lexus GS 300. Rims are not interchangeable from a Toyota to a Lexus at all.

Where do you put the transmission fluid or oil on a 1998 Toyota 4Runner?

You put the Transmission Fluid in the Transmission (fill point transmission drip stick tube) and the Oil (fill point Oil Cap) in the Engine.Hope This Helps.

Where do you add power steering fluid on a 1998 Toyota Camry?

On the left side of the engine compartment there is the reservoir for the power steering fluid. Make sure that you do not put steering fluid in the radiator reservoir.

How do you check the transmission fluid level on 1998 Chevy Corvette?

You can check the transmission fluid level in your 1998 Chevrolet Corvette with the transmission fluid dipstick. The transmission fluid dipstick will have indicating marks as to the level of the transmission fluid.