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How do you add value to your company?



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Some ways to add value to your company are:

  1. Become faster
  2. Offer better quality
  3. Add value to your products or services
  4. Increase convenience
  5. Improve customer service
  6. Change lifestyle or demographics
  7. Plan discounts
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Some ways individual teams can add value to the company are:

  1. Solve an obvious problem.
  2. Control breaks and lunch times to increase productivity.
  3. Decrease the use of overtime.
  4. Use an agenda for team meetings to increase focus and make the meeting more productive.
  5. Have a short daily or weekly review meeting
  6. Learn the data for your department
  7. Set clear expectations
  8. Start an effective training plan, especially for new employees.
  9. Create policies if needed.
  10. Create specific procedures.
  11. Establish roles and responsibilities.
  12. Create a weekly plan for your team.
  13. Create specific job assignments.
  14. Increase your follow-up rate by 50%.
  15. Post scores and accomplishments for your team in a high traffic area.