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Mr. & Mrs. John Smith Bobby(older) and Sally (younger) 1881 S. Main St. Anywhere, TX 75777

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How do you address a graduation announcement to a couple and their two children if you don't know the kids first names?

You address the letter to the couple like if they're names are Robert and susy Henderson then you can write Mr. and Mrs. Robert Henderson and family :) That's what i did for my brother's graduation cards

Can graduation invitations be sent to the president of the US?

Yes, they can. I sent him my high school graduation announcement, and a couple of weeks later, I got a letter from the white house congratulating me for my academic achievement. Plus it had his signature, his real signature on it. My mom was so happy and suprised, she now has it framed and put in a glad case lol.

What is a good idea for a costume for a teenage couple?


Do Leo and Nini make an adorable couple in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?

yes they do make adorable couple

Was there a couple in Montana who were serial killers and were turned in by their teenage daughter?


How many albums did Kanye West sale of graduation in the first day?

A couple of 1000

Would a teenage married couple have financial problems?

a couples bride is pregnant

How do you use the word intercom in a sentence?

I heard the announcement over the school intercom.The couple installed an intercom so they could monitor the nursery.

How do you address a Japanese married couple in a letter?

You would use the first name of the husband and the first name of the wife. This is how you address a Japanese married couple through a letter.

What actors and actresses appeared in Odd Sock - 2000?

The cast of Odd Sock - 2000 includes: Shane Butler as Teenage Couple (M) Sean Colgan as Older Couple (M) Ciara Cullen as Teenage Couple (F) Ciaran Delaney as Jason Barry Dignam as Gay Couple Simon Jewell as Small Boy Steven Kingston as Gay Couple Niall McCarthy as Stephen Clelia Murphy as Sandra Mick Nolan as Father

What is the song with the music video of a teenage couple returning home after a party in the morning The genre may be post hard core?

The song by Rascal Flatts, What Hurts the Most shows a teenage couple returning home from a party in the early morning. The boy later dies in a car crash.

How would a couple best announce their engagement?

I've enjoyed picture post cards of the couple, taken at the time of the proposal. Very sweet.

When will Happy Days season 4 be released?

I have heard from a couple of sources that it is scheduled to be released December 9, 2008 according to Paramount but no official announcement has been made. I expect they will make it within the next couple of weeks!

What do you buy your teenage boyfriend for his birthday?

buy him somethin cool like a new skate board or a couple fone

What is a really good love song for a teenage couple who dont live near each other?

Hey There Delilah

What is the formal address on an envelope for a married couple when the wife is a doctor?

The formal way to address and envelope to a couple where the wife is a doctor is: Mr. John Doe & Dr. Jane Doe.

How do you label a letter to a couple?

You can address it to Mr and Mrs. Smith. You could address it is as the Smith Family. Or you could address it as Mr. Smith and Family.

How do you address the envelope of a couple when they aren't married?

You can address it to only one, or address it to both using both names. Either way is acceptable.

What happened in Percy Lebaron Spencer teenage years?

in his teen years he worked at a mill then he worked for the army for a couple of years

On an envelope how do you address a couple?

It depends on their relationship. Mr & Mrs for a married couple. Separately for POSSLQ's and/ or same sex couples.

How do you address a newly married couple?

You have to say: "Hi newly married couple"Hi Mr. and Mrs. John Doe

Who love Zac Efron?

We believe that Vanessa Hudgens is in love with Zac. Not from High school musical but also on radio , there has been a announcement that the couple getting married soon !

How do you address a gift to an engage couple?

Sally and Harry OR Bride and Groom

How do you address an unmarried couple with a child?

"Bill Smith and Betty Jones"

Is it illegal for a teenage couple to live together in the state of Tennessee if the are expecting a baby?

There is nothing illegal about it. They do need to have parental permission to live there.

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