How do you adjust Daewoo Matiz clutch cable?

Under the front of the car to the right a bit is the clutch cable and arm. The cable runs away from you, from the adjustment nut on a threaded bolt. This extends through the clutch arm and on to the cable. Between the part where the cable stop is, and the clutch arm is a kind of ribbed PVC sheath. This has some of the cable running through it. So firstly pinch the sheath at the far end and pull towards the clutch arm, which is closer to you. You will see the nut on the rod slide towards you, moving the nut clear of the clutch arm. With your other hand, turn the nut clockwise 2,3, maybe four times and let go of the other hand on the PVC sheath and watch the nut slot itself back into the clutch arm. Then just try your car in forward and reverse to see if you have adjusted enough or too much. If so adjust again. This is a very easy job to do yourself. You don't usually even need tools to do it, unless the nut is stiff.