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Apply a wrench to the center bolt on the pully and turn it will adjust the tension.

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Q: How do you adjust the belt tension for a 98 Accord to replace the alternator?
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How do you adjust the alternator belt tension on diamante?

Loosen the alternator tensioner bolt. You will be able to slide the alternator either way to adjust the tension on the belt.

How do you replace the alternator on a 1990 Honda Accord?

Remove the upper through bolt of the alternator, remove the bottom bolt of the alternator by unscrewing the nut. Slide the belt off pulley. Install the new alternator. Replace and tighten the bolts (You will need to use a torque wrench to tighten to the proper foot-pounds of torque. You can find the torque specs for you bolts by going to a Honda forum). Adjust the tension bolt until there is enough tension on the belt (if not enough tension you will hear the belt squeak when you stat your car).

How do you adjust fan belt tension on a vw golf mk2?

The alternator is rotated on it's pivot to adjust belt tension.

How do you tighten belt onto a new alternator.?

If it is a serpentine belt, the tension is automatically adjusted by the tension idler. If the belt is loose then the tensioner needs replacing. If it is a normal drive belt, then the alternator is mounted on a slotted bracket that allows you to adjust the position of the alternator. You can loosen the bolts and adjust the tension on the belt.

Where is the tension release for the alternators belt?

If it is a drive belt and not a serpentine belt is has no tensioner. You manually adjust the tension by normally adjusting tension by moving the alternator. Loosen to bolts holding the alternator in place and then adjust the tension. Tighten the bolts when the tension is right. If it is serpentine belt if you follow the belt around the the engine you will see the tensioner.

How do you adjust tension on serpentine belt for 1989 GMC?

If the truck doesnt have a tensioner than you must adjust the alternator

How do you adjust the igniition coil on a 1993 Honda accord?


How do you replace an alternator belt on a 1990 Honda Accord?

In order to take off the existing alternator belt you must take off the power steering belt first. For each belt (the alternator belt and the power steering belt) you will need to loosen a couple of bolts that hold the belts tight. There is also a bolt used to adjust the belt tension that you must adjust. I would purchase a CHILTON or HAYNES maintenance manual from an auto parts store or a book store. It will explain this very well and it has pictures.

How do you replace a 1999 Accord V6 alternator?

How To Replace Alternator on 98 to 02 Honda Accord V6 Coupe or Sedan One of the common symptoms for bad alternator is that all your dash lights will turn on while you are driving. = Removal: = * Ensure you have the anti-theft code for the radio. * Disconnect the battery negative cable first and then disconnect the battery positive cable. * Move the auto-tensioner "A" to relieve tension from the alternator belt "B" and remove the alternator belt.* Disconnect the condenser fan motor connector "A" from the condenser fan shroud.* Remove the condenser fan/shroud assembly "B". * Disconnect the 4-pin connector "A" and black wire "B" from the alternator.* Remove the mount bolt "A" and alternator bracket mounting bolt "B". Remove the harness clamp "C" from the alternator bracket.* Now you can remove the alternator. Depending upon the clearance you have, it might take a few tries before the alternator comes out of the car. = Installation: = * Follow the removal steps in reverse order to install the the alternator. * Adjust the alternator belt tension or the alternator AC belt tension. * Enter the anti-theft code for the radio.

How do you adjust the belt tension for the alternator on a 91' Honda Accord?

Loosen the upper and lower alternator mounting bolts. Turn the adjustment bolt on the lower left-hand side of the alternator. You should only be able to bend the belt 90 degrees at its longest run, in the middle. When done adjusting, tighten the upper and lower alternator mounting bolts.

Is their a tesioner pulley on a 1994 geo prism?

Yes, it is used to adjust the tension on the A/C compressor. Looking into the engine compartment from the passenger side it is to the left of the alternator. To adjust tension you need to loosen the bolt which holds the pulley and then adjust the bolt which is directly above the pulley. Once you have proper tension tighten the pulley bolt.

How do you adjust the emergency brake on a 2000 Honda Accord?

In the center arm rest is a cover at the bottom that can be removed to expose the emergency brake cable, and a nut to adjust the tension.

Replace rear brake pads 1996 Honda accord?

turn the brake piston to adjust. adjust all the way down.

Is there an alternator belt adjuster on a 1994 Geo Prism 1.8?

If the alternator is driven by a drive belt, the answer is yes. You adjust the tension by loosing the bolts on the alternator mounting brackets and sliding the alternator until the proper tension, (around 1/4" deflection at mid point of the belt) is achieved. If however it has a Serpentine Belt driving the alternator, then there is no adjustment. Tension is held by the idler pulley. If it is loose then the belt is worn out, the idler tensioner is defective, or both.

How do you adjust belt tension on Chevy 5.7 engine?

If the tensioner isn't working right, you replace it. Tension is determined by the tensioner and is not adjustable.

Steps on how to replace the alternator of 2002 3.1 Chevy Malibu?

where is the location of tensioner of 2002 3.1 L Chevy Malibu to adjust if replacing the alternator?

How do you adjust the alternator belt in a 1997 Honda Accord to make it stop squealing even when it seems to be tight enough?

Because the alternator puts a load on the engine of several horsepower, the belt must be very tight. However, if it is too tight, the bearings of the alternator shaft will wear out quickly. To tension the belt properly, adjust until there is about 1/2 inch of play in the center of the longest span. If this does not stop the squealing, the belt may have been glazed from being too loose, and needs to be replaced.

How do you loosen alternator to change belt on a 1998 Pont?

Does your car have one belt? Or does it have 2 belts? if it has one's called a serpentine belt and you need to find the idler pulley and insert a 3/8 inch ratchet in the hole and take the tension off the belt, slide the belt off the pulley and then replace the alternator. With serpentine belts, you do not adjust the slack on the belt using the alternator, the idler pulley adjust the slack on the belt and keeps tension on it. If you have 2 belts then you may have an adjustable alternator but most cars this new have one belt. If you have 2, check back with your question updated.

How do you stop an alternator belt from squealing on a 1993 Plymouth Acclaim?

Adjust the belt or replace it with a new one.

Can you adjust a lawn mower belt?

generally no, you can adj the cables that would create more tension, you can replace belts or replace the worn pulleys

Can you adjust the tension on the belt on a 1994 ford thunderbird 3.8 liter v6?

No you can not. You need to replace the tensioner.

On a 1994 ford thunderbird 3 8 liter can i adjust the tension on the belt?

No. You need to replace the tensioner.

How do you fix your 1998 Honda Accord EX Brake Lights that are stuck on?

Adjust or replace the brake light switch.

How do you change the alternator belt on a rover 216?

Loosen Tension Wheel centre bolt and un-adjust using 10mmm spanner.. this will allow removal of power steering belt. Loosen alternator bolts and un-adjust with 8mm adjusting bolt located at front /underside of alternator. fit new belt and tension using 8mm tensioning bolt,tighten tension wheel centre nut using 13mm socket, i use 13mm socket and mole grips as there is limited space, Replace power steering belt and tension using 10mm spanner , re tighten alternator holding bolts 15mm spanner4/socket. This was carried out on a Rover 216se. there may be more professional ways to carry out this repair, but it worked for me.....

How do you tighten the drive belt on a 1987 Pontiac fiero?

You move the AC compressor and the alternator to adjust tension. Has to be done from under car.