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the latch hooks are adjustable with a torx socet little groves to move forward or back once torx bolts loosene at latch hooks

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How do you make your convertable top close tighter so it will not leak?

Some tops have adjustments on the hook or hooks that latch it down. It may not be how tight it is, but the seals where it is leaking.

Adjust door on s10 to close tighter?

You can adjust the striker pin on the door post with a torx socket. Also, if there is too much slop in the door hinges that can cause problems. The hinges can be repaired with door hinge pin and bushing kits from your local auto parts store.

What was the purpose of the zipper?

the purpose of the zipper was to make items like coats and shoes close tighter and better.

Your Mazda rx 7 convertable top wont close What is wrong?

Lots of people forget they have to lift the handbtake before the roof will operate

What size is the fuel tank in the 1997 vw cabrio?

I believe I read in my Owner's Manual of my 1997 VW Cabrio Highline that the tank is 12.5 or 12.6. I have driven mine all the way down to Empty and refueling 12.4917 gallons. It was pretty close!

How do you adjust a home door bolt so that the door will close and latch?

Adjust the stricker whichever way it need to go.

How do I adjust a 1989 Corvette Convertible top that pops up on one of the back corners to make it stop?

The latch pin can be adjusted up and down to latch nice and tight. If its not locking in all the way that might be why it pops out. If you've adjusted it and it still pops out the close spring could be broken or something is faulty in the latch. To adjust the pin, loosed locknut and turn pin clockwise to make tighter, or counter to make looser.

How do you adjust the Sliding door on a citroen dispatch van?

Push to close, pull to open

Does a termostate open and close constantly?

The thermostat will self adjust to maintain its predermined temperature.

How long does it take for your vagina hole to close back up?

If what you mean by close back up, is get tighter after intercourse, or the time it takes for your vagina to retract back after continuous intercourse, it usually varies with every woman. If you are looking for a quicker method for that closness or (tightness) of the vagina, you can always put vinegar in your bath water and soak for a little bit. This will contribute to bringing the vagina tighter.

What weight of oil should you use for a 97 Cabrio?

97 VW Cabrio calls for 5W-50 oil. It is hard to find in this weight unless you go with synthetic. Synthetic oil could be expensive, so you might want to come as close to 5W-50 as possible. Possibly 20W-50 if its not in the winter.

What do you do if a girl pushes your friend?

Stand up for her and tell her who are you to push my friend? If you are older then swear at her BIGG TIMEE!!! You have to show to her that you are not afraid. You will alsobecome tighter/close with your friend.

What is the click thing on the strap of a bike helmet?

Probably just a buckle to close or adjust the strap.

How do you fold a dial safety ladder corporation safety ladder once it is opened up?

To fold back up, you must alternately rotate each rung 180 degrees back and forth as you fold it up in order to make it compact enough for the nylon strap to reach around and close with the velcro. Once initially velcroed close, if you hold it vertically, it will settle a bit and you can adjust the velcro to hold the strap even tighter around the ladder.

What is the shortcut to adjust the brush size in Photoshop?

AnswerShort keys to adjust the brush --->>To decrease the brush size : Bracket Start [To Increase the brush size : Bracket Close ]Hope this help....Cheers

Closing entries are used to adjust the account at the end of a period for curls and expiration of prepaid true or false?

It is true that close entries are used to adjust accounts at the end of a period. This is common sense.

Which type of plant cells open and close the stomata to adjust the flow of air and water into and out of the plant?

Gaurd cells

How do you adjust the handbrake on a astravan 1.7dti?

Adjuster is underneath the van close to the handbrake itself. Pit or hoist advisable

How do you adjust the sliding side door to close properly on a 1995 chevy astro van?

Save the effort and park by a wall

Is it better to keep a wide strike zone or a tight one?

When batting you have to adjust your strike zone to the count. When you have three balls, you need the absolutely perfect pitch to swing at it. However, if you have 2 strikes on you, you need to protect the plate and swing at anything close. These are the extremes, say you have a 1-2 count - you have a pretty wide strike zone. If you have a 2-1 count your strike zone is a little tighter than when you started out.

How do you open roof vw cabrio 1999?

Turn the engine on and then off again release the top grips and press the up button on the dash, remember to close the grips before the roof folds down flat.

How do you adjust convertible top on pt cruiser 2005?

In order to adjust the convertible top on a 2005 PT Cruiser, a person would need to assist it by hand. The pressure that makes it close is by hydraulic pressure and must be assisted manually.

Why Mecedes Benz 500sl 2001 convertable top has locked I put the top up and it went up OK but the windows wouldn't close when I start the car the top switch flashes and beeps?

battery is low are hydralic fluid is low

How do you manually shut the roof of a Renault Megane convertable?

Close hydraulic valve on pump( In boot pasenger side just in front of rear lights),pull on tape hanging down in ski box(cubbyhole in boot)and operate lock on lid.

How do you auto synchronize an alternator with grid?

To auto synchronize an alternator with grid, consider the manual method first... 1. Adjust RPM so that frequency is slightly higher than the grid2. Adjust excitation current so that voltage is slightly higher than the grid3. Just before phase angle of zero is encountered, close the breaker4. Immediately adjust input power (close steam bypass valves) and adjust excitation current to achieve desired watts and vars5. Monitor and trim as needed So, to do this automatically, build a controller that does this. A computer, perhaps?

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