How do you adjust the high idle for a slower idle on a cold start for a 1987 Isuzu trooper 2.3 engine?

I loved my trooper [87 4 door]! Got 175000 from it then it got too crazy. I hope you have the Hayes manual-its worth every cent. The adj for idle on the 2.3 manual 5 speed, CARBed is a simple adjustment nut or screw type thing very close to the throttle asslembly on top of the carb body. I cant remember but if 87 was the year they started with the automatic trans and the fuel inj then I dont know as well. But-if you do have the carbed 2.3 just follow the gas pedal cable with the engine running [someone gicing it a little gas helps] .Follow the cable to the carb and you'll see two adj screwss just like on an old mini-bike or lawn mower. Sorry if you know this and your asking about injected 2.3s but I think the troopers stayed very simple, lean, practical, and easy to deal with until the early 90s when they strted to compete with akll the other piece of cr*p SUV that were really designed for grocery shopping and picnics-not work. Good luck and keep that 87 going