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How do you adjust the parking brake on a Jeep Liberty?



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Pull the rear rotors,the back side of the rotors has a drum style set of brake shoes, this is the E brake assembly, you will need to clean every thing up and remove shoe (on drum) groove if any, then adjust the star wheel like standard drum style brakes, mine had to be completely replaced @ 50,000 miles. For minor adjustments, the star wheel can be accessed by removing a small rubber cover just below the axle on the rear side of each wheel. To tighten the brake adjustment: chock the wheels, release the parking brake, remove the star wheel cover, and turn the star wheel CCW (from the bottom of wheel towards the upper part of the wheel) with a screwdriver. Tighten each star wheel, then back off one star point. Replace the covers after finished. To test the adjustment, unchock the wheels, pull up parking brake (should go up about 2/3 of total possible travel), place in drive, and check to see if parking brake can hold the car by carefully pushing down on accelerator. The parking brake should keep the car from moving. After this test, park the car on a slight incline, release the brake and place in neutral. The car should roll easily.