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Adjusting an Xbox 360Network bridging a 360.

1.Set your Xbox 360's network settings to automatic.

2. Connect to your wireless connection

3. Plug your ethernet wire into the computer and ignore the warning which says you have limited or no connection if it pops up.

4. go to Network connections and click set up a home or small office network, it should be under network tasks.

5. Click next until you get to the connection method screen, then click the top option then follow the instructions depending on what connection your using.

6. Don't create a network setup disk.


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Q: How do you adjust the settings on an Xbox so it will recognize a wireless bridge?
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Can you use a wireless router as a bridge to a different make of wireless router?

No, different brand routers dont't recognize each other.

How can I install a wireless bridge?

If you are looking for an easy way to install a wireless bridge, video is the way to go. Youtube and Bestbuy have videos to help you learn to install a wireless bridge.

Can you use a belkin N1 router to connect to other wireless network as wireless bridge?

No, the Belkin N1 routers do not have the ability to act as a Wireless "Bridge".

Can a wireless router serve as a network adapter?

It can be a sort of network adapter but it has to support "Bridge". Using such settings it can work with incoming connections coming from the main router.

Which wireless component allows wireless clients to gain access to a wired network?

wireless bridge

Can you use a Netgear 802.11g WGR614 router to connect to another wireless network and then share the other wireless network though its own 4 ethernet ports?

Such configuration is called a bridge. From my experience I know that if you have two identical wireless routers it's possible to set a working bridge. If you have different routers of different brands it's matter of luck. In order for you to use bridge configuration your router should support it. You can check in the manual or in the router's settings.

What is the function of a wireless bridge?

Wireless bridging is the technique of connecting two wireless access points together. This can be done to extend the range of a wireless network, or to create a wireless bridge between two or more wired networks, perhaps in separate buildings.

I already have a router, can I add a wireless router to it to get WIFI or would I need a bridge?

If your router does not have wireless capabilities, you will need to add a bridge to get internet.

I need to know where I can buy a cheap wireless bridge for my computers?

If you are looking for more information on where can you buy a cheap wireless bridge for your computes, the best place to look is on

Which layer device is a bridge?

Layer 2 is a wireless bridge aka Access Point

Creating A Wireless Router Bridge?

A wireless router bridge is a way to use an old or unneeded wireless router to extend the usable range of a central Internet access point. This can be done by connecting an older router to a functioning router and then either changing the wireless mode of the router to bridge, or by changing the firmware inside of the router so it can support bridging. The end result is a wireless router that will pick up the signal from an access point and provide Internet access to any computer that uses the wireless router bridge.

Can you use a Wireless N bridge on a Wireless G system?

Yes. It will operate at G speed.

How can i use Windows Connect Now for Windows 7 to connect to my xbox 360?

Microsoft's Windows Connect Now (WCN) Technology makes it easier for you to add devices like the Xbox 360 to your existing wireless network. Creating a secure wireless network and delivering the necessary wireless settings to wireless devices could be difficult for even the most knowledgeable user. 1. Connect a wireless networking adapter, such as the Xbox 360 Wireless Networking Adapter, or a wireless bridge to your Xbox 360 console. 2. Use WCN on your PC running Windows XP SP2 or later to transfer your wireless settings to a portable USB flash drive of any size. 3. On your Xbox 360 console, go to the System area. 4. Select Network Settings, then Windows Connect Now. 5. Connect your USB flash drive to the rear USB port on your Xbox 360 console. When prompted, select Test Xbox Live to apply your wireless settings.

How is a wireless access point that is also a bridge more efficient in handling network traffic than a wireless access point that is not a bridge?

A Bridge assist in handing network traffic and can direct known traffic to its destination.

Is there a cheaper alternative to the Sony uwa-br100?

The only thing you can do is buy a wireless bridge, plug this into the wired port. then wifi bridge over to the wireless. Or home plugs. not tried the usb wireless bridge (VAP11) this might also work. the problem is there is no way of installing a wireless onto the tv so you are stuck with purchasing only sony products.

What is the difference between access point and wireless bridge?

An access point is the central hub of your entire wireless network where as a wireless bridge Is used to connect a wired network to a wireless network Example: I had a wireless network throughout my home but most of the devices I had needed to be hard wired in to the router but running 50 feet of cat5e was not a feasible option so I used a wireless bridge to connect my hardwired devices to my wireless network hence eliminating the need to run the 50 feet of cable. I hope this helps you!

Expanding A Wireless Network With A Bridge?

A standard wireless router can only physically connect to four Ethernet enabled devices through the Ethernet ports. To extend a wireless home network, a bridge is needed. A bridge is a device that will connect devices such as gaming consoles and TVs to the existing wireless internet network that is enabled by a router. Additionally, a bridge will also extend the range of a home network, allowing for better reception to other computers and devices that are already connected to the network through wireless adapters.

Can you connect an wireless to ethernet to ethernet?

A wireless device can be connected to Ethernet by using an Ethernet to wireless bridge. This allows the wireless signal to be converted into a physical connection where it can be passed on to other Ethernet devices.

What is the wireless device used to link buildings without cable?


What is the wireless device use to link building without cable?


What is a bridge in computer networks?

A bridge is a way to connect two networks. For example, if a user has two or more computers connected to a wired network, and one of those wired computers is connected to a wireless network, the computer connected to both the wired and wireless networks could be used as a bridge. With the bridged networks, the wired computers could access the wireless network.

Can you use your laptop as a wireless network adapter for Xbox live?

Yes, it is possible to use a laptop as a wireless bridge for xbox live.

Is there any way to get wireless internet on a 20 gigabyte PS3?

Yes with a wireless router and connect the PS3 by the ethernet port to a wireless ethernet bridge. see related link

Can you buy a wireless adapter for the ps3?

Sony has not released a wireless adapter specifically for the PS3; however you may purchase a wireless internet bridge and connect that way.

Can you use a wireless router transmitter as a receiver?

If your router has a bridge mode then yes.