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The way you explain it it sounds like your engine has hydrolic lifters. With these I have always tightened the rockers until the pushrod gets hard to spin and wont move up or down and then ONE HALF TURN not a full turn. The valves might open but within a minute or so should close. This is cause by the lifter bleeding off leftover oil in it. Hope this helps.

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Why is the leaf known as the food factory of the plant?

The leaves contain the majority of a tree's chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is necessary for photosynthesis. Photosynthesis is how plants make food; thus the majority of the food is made in the leaves. Leaves=food factory.

What is a plant part that is the food factory of the plant?


Leaves are called food factory of a plant give reason?

leaves are called food factory of plants because they only contain chloroplast in which chlorophyll is present and photosynthesis takes place in that part only . They prepare food in the presence of sunlight by the process of photosynhesis . The food from the leaves goes in all the plant body . So they are known as food factory of a plant :) :D :P

What is the source of free energy for the leaf factory?

If by 'leaf factory' you mean the leaves of plants, then the source of free energy is the Sun, in the form of sunlight form the Sun.

The part of the plant that is considered the food factory is the?

The part of the plant which is considered the "food factory" is the leaves. This is because this is the part of the plant where photosynthesis occurs which makes the food for the plant.

How do you use dosage in a sentence?

If the new medication leaves you feeling tired, maybe your doctor should adjust the dosage.

What is the process of Tracks and sector markings are written to a hard drive before it leaves the factory?

reed memory

Can you smoke fresh mint?

You will have considerable difficulty setting fire to green leaves so as to be able to smoke them.

What hours can a bobcat skid steer run before it is junk?

A Bobcat is junk the minute it leaves the factory, IMO.

What makes plants turn brown?

the colophyl goes out and makes the leaves turn brown its like a factory that shuts down.

Track and sector markings are written to a hard drive before it leaves the factory in a process called?

Low-level formatting

What is the gasket that the radiator hose connects to by the engine?

On the 2.4L z24 I think you are talking about the one on top on the driver sid. That is the OUTLET GASKET and it is a rubber O RING.The temp. sensor is screwed into that to detect cooling temp. as it leaves the engine. Coolant leaves the engine to head to the radiator to be cooled.

Which search engine is formerly named after Jeeves?

ask jeeves. leaves just

What happends to fule after it leaves the rocket in space?

The fuel, spelled F-U-E-L, is burned or autocombusts (in the case of hydrazine), and the exhaust shoots out of the rocket engine, propelling the rocket in the opposite direction. After it leaves the engine, it spreads out into space.

What is known as the food factory of the plant?

The leaves are known as the food factory of the plant as they contain chloroplasts (within the cells of the leaf) which convert carbon dioxide, water and sunlight into simple glucose molecules - or food for the plant

When a kitten leaves will the mother miss her?

More often than not, no. The mother and the kitten will adjust. Most likely, the kitten will not remember its mother. The mother will be fine.

Will your engine be harmed if you dirve your car when the oil is 3qts low?

If the engine holds 5 qts and you are 3 qts low, that leaves 2 qts, yes, you will harm the engine if you run it.

Why are gasoline additives safer than lead?

lead leaves heavy deposits inside your engine stunting performance and engine life AND it raies emissions

Where is the packaging usually done for MAC cosmetics?

MAC Cosmetics' factory (it's actually Estee Lauder's Canadian factory and they make several lines of makeup there) is in Markham, Ontario, Canada. The stuff leaves there packaged and ready for sale.

Why do cannabis leaves droop?

probably to much, or more likely, too little water,check soil feels moist not waterlogged, adjust water accordingly

What is the job of a leaf on a plant?

Leaves are a plant's food factory and play a role in respiration. The roots pull minerals and water up from the soil, and with the sun and some carbon dioxide from the air, the leaves make sugar for the plant to use for survival.

Settings of Waiting for Godot?

Essientially, there are none. The only indiciations of setting we have is that there is a tree, that has no leaves in the first act, and then magically it has leaves on it during the second act. We're told that it's twilight, but again, that's basically it! Hope this helps!

An astronaut leaves a spaceship that is moving through free space to adjust an antenna Will the spaceship leave the astronaut behind?

No because the astronaut's relative velocity will be approximately the same as that of the spacecraft.

Where on a 1988 Pontiac fiero does a o2 sensor go?

On the exhaust pipe, from where it leaves the engine, but before the catalytic converter.

In the scene where the Wicked Witch of the West leaves Munchkinland in a burst of flames the explosion went off early setting what actor's hair on fire?

Margaret Hamilton