How do you align the timing marks for a 4-cylinder 2000 leganza?

After you take the front timing cover off and get the old timing belt off, there are 3 notches on the rear timing belt cover. I'm sure it is a twin overhead cam system, so you will have to read the sprockets on both cams. There are what looks like lines on both. On the left cam, you will want to to line it up with the intake manifold. There should be a line mark in between the words. Line it up with the left notch on top of the timing cover. One the right cam, you will have both intake manifold and exhaust manifold lines. Use the mark for the exhaust manifold, and line it up with the right side notch. Now you will have to look at the timing sprocket for the crankshaft. It appears to look like just a bar mark on the edge of the sprocket. Line that up with the notch on the bottom. You will have to use a hex wrench to adjust the belt tension on the tensioner pulley to get the belt on. Be sure not to let any of the sprockets move while you put the belt on or you will have to do the process over again.