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eat fast

talk alot

message then 24/7

come over everday

bump into them alot

hit them

make fun of them

eat in front of them

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How do you annoy your friend at your house?

search dontclickhere on google

Why do sisters like to annoy their brothers best friend?

Sisters usually annoy their brothers best friends because they either have a HUGE crush on them or they just hate that person so much they annoy them.

How do you annoy your best friend?

Go out with the boy they like or with their boyfriend or brother

What is the present tense of to annoy?

I annoy You annoy He/she/it annoys We annoy You (plural) annoy They annoy or I am annoying etc. :)

How to annoy your best friends boyfriend?

I wouldn't go there. it will create a problem between you & your friend.

How do you get a friend mad at you?

Be a jerk. Insult them, tease them, annoy them, make fun of their bf/gf.

How do you get your friend to stop asking people out for you?

Tell your friend that it is starting to annoy you and that you would like to choose for yourself who you would like to go out with.

How do you get my friend admit she likes someone?

just say you will tell her right after and annoy her and that you wont laugh

What does it mean when the girl you like always is in a group or with a friend when you walk by and see her?

It means she has a secrect or trying to annoy you.

How do you deal with a best friend that is starting to annoy you?

if they areclose enough you can tell them if not try to tell them in a easier and nicer way

Is annoy an adjective?

No. Annoy is a verb.

How do you use word annoy in sentence?

"You annoy me."

What does annoy the eggnog out of people mean?

to really, really annoy them. Similar to "annoy the crap out of people."

Why do guys annoy girls?

it is usually because they like you. or usually just teases you because he is 1 of your friend's boy friend.

Is annoy a concrete noun?

No, the word 'annoy' is NOT a noun. The word 'annoy' is a verb.The noun form of the verb to annoy is annoyance, an abstract noun as a word for a concept.

What does annoy means?

it means to disturb someone DOES THIS ANNOY YOU!!!!

How do you annoy a vampire?

The same way you annoy a human.

How do you say annoy in french?

Annoy in French is "ennuyer"

What is the adjective of annoy?

The adjective form of annoy is annoying.

What does it mean when someone say they are going to beat your butt?

Its means they want to be friends and you should annoy them to show you want to be their friend as well.

How do you spell annoy?

That is the correct spelling of "annoy" (bother, irk).

How do you annoy girls?

girls are great so don't annoy them

How can Hades annoy his brother?

how can Hades annoy his brother Zeus

Write a sentence with word annoy?

Try not to annoy your teacher.

Is annoy a noun?

No, the word 'annoy' is a verb (annoy, annoys, annoying, annoyed). The noun forms for the verb 'to annoy' are the gerund (verbal noun) annoying, annoyer, one who annoys, and annoyance.