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Go to safari type the address of WikiAnswers. You will be on Answers mobile and all you need to do is log-in, select a category and start answering.

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Q: How do you answer a question on WikiAnswers from an iPod Touch?
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What is a iPod Touch?

Its called an ipod touch not you pod touch and i assumed asked the question just to be a silly goose on wikianswers.

Is any one awake with a good knowledge of ipod touch?

Yes. On WikiAnswers, there is always somebody awake and on here. Ask your iPod Touch question in a separate question.

How do you answer wikianswer questions from a iPod Touch?

You cannot answer questions on WikiAnswers from an iPod Touch. The iPod Touch does not have the capabilities to answer questions.

Can you answer WikiAnswers questions on an iPod Touch?

Sadly, you cannot. The way the answer formatting is set up makes the iPod Touch incapable of tapping the blank area to write an answer to a question. There are plans of making a mobile version of WikiAnswers, but currently, you have to be on a computer to answer questions.

Should you replace your iPod Nano for an iPod touch?

If you like. No one at WikiAnswers can advise you.

Does the iPod touch 3g have bluetooth?

Hey, The answer to your question is yes, the iPod Touch 3G does have bluetooth

What are all the free ipod touch apps?

There are hundreds of thousands, possibly millions of free apps, so it is impossible to name them all in a WikiAnswers question.

Is the iPod touch?

Finish the question, then I'll answer.

Can you answer questions on WikiAnswers with an iPod Touch?

Yes, as long as you are connected to the Internet you can open the Safari app and go to the WikiAnswers website.

How do you convince your mom that you need to buy an iPod touch when you don't?

WikiAnswers will not help you to deceive your parents.

When does the iPod touch come out in Australia?

I do not know how old this question is.................. The iPod Touch is already out in Australia!!! Woot! 8GB is $399AUD.

Are they going to make an iPod app for WikiAnswers?

WikiAnswers is planning to make an iPhone (iPod Touch) app that will allow WikiAnswers to become mobile, as well as apps for many other phones. It is not known when just yet, but it will be out sometime soon.

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