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How do you answer the question why do you want to work for wet seal?

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βˆ™ 2010-04-13 00:44:24

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It would be great if you said that you are interested in this position because you love fashion and that wet seal happens to be one of the stores that definitely stands out for you and that your previous experience will help you contribute towards working at Wet Seal along with providing them with excellent customer service.

2010-04-13 00:44:24
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Q: How do you answer the question why do you want to work for wet seal?
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What age must you be to work at wet seal in PA?


How old do you have to be to work at wet seal?

18, or if you are younger, you must have a work permit from your school.

What age must you be to work at wet seal?

18 or if you are younger, you need a work permit from your school.

What is different between dry seal and wet seal?

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Can you be 16 to work at wet seal?

Well I'm not sure. But I have an interview for them and I'm only 16.

What is the ticker symbol for The Wet Seal?

The Wet Seal trades under the ticker symbol WTSLA on the NASDAQ.

Wet Seal group interviews?

Wet Seal group interviews take place inside the store you are applying for a position at. Make sure you are dressed appropriately, Wet Seal is a fashionable store, dress accordingly, there is no need for a button-down collar shirt and slacks! During the group interview the entire group will be asked questions on topics like customer service, job experience, why you want to work for Wet Seal, education, what you like to do for fun, interests, etc. Speak up! Wet Seal is looking for outgoing employees that can be personal shoppers! Customer service is Wet Seal's #1 priority, make sure that you can engage with customers in conversation, help them choose clothing, make a connection so that they come back! Good luck!

What is the sizing information for jeans at Wet Seal?

The jeans at Wet Seal run about 1 size larger than what they are tagged as.

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No . . .

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What is wet seal mission statement?


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get a form not hard !

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what is wetseal's target market

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