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How do you answer why do you want to shift your career from Information Technology field to Marketing?


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The best way to answer this question in an interview is to explain any positive influence that made you decide to change your field. This may be work experience or exposure to professionals in your field of interest.


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An it job is a job in the Information Technology field. Information Technology or IT is the formal name for a career working with the logistics of computers and their components.

Information technology (or IT) is an expanding career field, and thousands of colleges offer accredited programs. Check out SUNY's online offerings or even those of the University of Phoenix.

Answer is "Information Technology field" Regards, Judy

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Technology affect in career in every field. because every time new update are born. For example if you have in seo field then every week new update arise , if you are developer then also up to date of new technology.

At present Each & every company wants to globalize, so they do marketing of the products in the other countries using the IT medium. IT plays a vital role in the globalization. The most popular medium of the world is Internet for globalization and selling the product in the other country. In a Marketing field most of the work is done by computer, so we can say that the IT is essential factor of the marketing. It is essential for marketing as with the help of technology you can advertise your products and bring them in the eyes of your targeted customers.

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IT is short for information technology and is a field of education.

There are many places that will have information on technology. Universities will list jobs available in the technology field, whereas Cnet would talk about the latest in technology.

distinguish between a software product and a software process.

No.Information technology is an electrical/technological field. While physics is a science field.Though,physicists do use computers.

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Information Technology is computer based these days

Service marketing is a smaller field of marketing. Service marketing covers all goods and commerce in the marketing field.

internet technology actually it stands for Information Technology. i have worked in this field for 22 years.

a career field is a job

Information technology is the number one field in terms of expected job growth. That makes systems engineers among the most highly sought after professionals today. The average salary for a systems engineer is 87k and the career field is expected to grow over the next 10 years. To become a systems engineer, you need a bachelors degree in engineering.

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