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Using a paint brush preferred for the type stain you have, apply stain always going with the grain of the wood.

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Q: How do you apply a stain to sanded furniture?
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Do you apply the stain before or after assembling the furniture?

For a seamless finish, apply the stain before assembling the furniture.

What precautions should I take when painting wooden furniture?

You need to sand off the remaining paint or stain that is currently on them. The process is simple and pretty self explainatory. After you have sanded off everything, make sure the surface is smoothe and then you can apply the paint.

How do you correct overlapping of wood stain?

Sand the area when the overlap occurred. Then get a rag damp with the stain you are using. Make several passes over the area you just sanded, feathering in the stain as you get to the edges of where you sanded. You should avoid getting fresh stain on the surface that still has the dried stain on it.

Can I stain my teak patio furniture?

Patio furniture made out of teak wood can be stained after washing it with soapy water, and letting it dry over night. When it is dry, sand it, wipe off any dust, then apply stain.

How do you remove a paint thinner stain from a wood furniture?

There really isn't a way to remove a paint thinner stain from wood furniture. You must repaint or re-stain the furniture.

How do you stain an old piece of furniture?

be careful, if it is an antique removing the old stain could depreciate its value. But, it you don't care or if you have already taken off the old stain, then you can apply it witha rag going towards the grain. Remember when it is dry to put varathane on it

What can one do with recycled furniture?

Recycled furniture can be of value to someone who is artistic. The furniture could be cleaned down, sanded and repainted in a color that suits its new owner.

Can formica be sanded and restained?

Formica will not accept stain, however it can be primed and painted after sanding.

Can you stain over weathered paint?

If you paint over the "weathered" paint, it will chip and cause the stain to come off. Also, the stain needs a clean sanded surface in order for the wood to absorb it. Otherwise, there is no reason to use stain.

Can you use oil base polyurethane over water base stain on a sanded floor?


How do you get nail polish off jeans?

Nail polish remover takes the polish off your nails, doesn't it? It will work on most nail polish stains, whether on clothing or furniture. Apply the nail polish remover to the stain and then lightly blot the stain. Apply detergent and warm water to make sure that you have removed the stain completely and then wash as usual with your detergent. You may have to apply the nail polish remover and blot several times to remove all of the nail polish stain. Do not give up!

Repairing Resin Wicker Patio Furniture?

Resin wicker patio furniture is a durable and inexpensive alternative to other types of outdoor furniture. The resin material can be easily cleaned with household products and can be washed with a garden hose. In cases where there is a stain that will not come out or some damage, the resin coating can be gently sanded down with sand paper until a clear area is revealed. This cleaned section can then be coated in wax to restore the finish and extend the life of the patio furniture.

Can you apply wood stain with a sponge?

Yes, you can apply wood stain with a sponge.

If a wooden chair is finished can you paint it or do you have to sand it first?

A wooden chair that has been finished, usually with some form of stain or sealer, should be sanded well before you apply paint. The end result will be cleaner, neater, and more lasting if you do.

What is the best stain to refinish my bedroom set?

You can try Cabot’s Natural Oak Stain Finish or whatever color you wish to apply. They have a variety of stain colors to choose from but depending on the original color of your furniture whether you want to use the same or stain it with an entirely different color which would be more laborious as you need to do a lot of sanding.

How to stain furniture to a darker finish?

Strip off the old clear coat finish with either a liquid or gel stripper. Clean the surface with alcohol. Once dry, try a small amount of the new, darker stain on an inconspicuous area to check for proper color. Once determined, apply the new stain (preferably an oil-based stain). When the stain is thoroughly dry (1-2 days), apply several coats of clear finish. Let dry and you're done.

How can you clean white furniture?

Use stain remover. Use stain remover.

Can you stain one year old pressure treated wood that was just sanded bare blonde?

Yes, you can stain pressure treated wood as long as it has had several months to dry out.

What tools do I need to stain furniture?

First you should make sure that you put the furniture outside or on a protected floor inside. Then you sand the piece of furniture and begin the staining processes with the color stain you prefer.

What does non grain raising stain mean?

NGR stain is a stain (the kind found in the paint aisle, not the kind on your shirt) that will not make the wood grain fibers rise up from the surface of the wood. Raised grain may have to be sanded off.

Should you paint or stain furniture?

Depends on the type and use of the furniture. I wouldn't want a nice table to be painted when I could stain it and bring out beautiful wood patterns.

Will Naphtha cleaning solvent remove wood stain from furniture?

No, Naptha is not a strong enough solvent to remove wood stain from furniture. Use a paint and stain stripper instead. They are available in environmentally friendly versions along with versions that actually work.

How do you apply minwax polyshades?

I use them only to stain furniture that I've made and I've found the best way is applying it with a lint-free cloth and rubbing it in with small circular motions,

How do you stain a painted furniture?

Strip the paint, sand it down, put stain and varnish on it. Its not that hard

Can frontline stain microfiber furniture?