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Just come right out and ask him. If he says yes, then you're in. If he says no, talk to a friend and stay calm.

NEVER ASK WHY!!! if you ask why, it gives him the impression that you are a sore loser. No offense...

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thank you so much and i appreciate the help

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Q: How do you ask a boy to be your boyfriend?
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Does Boy George have a boyfriend?

ask him

How do you get a boyfriend on migoland?

Find a boy to your liking and ask if he can be your boy.

How to ask a boy to be your boyfriend?

just go up to him and say will you be my boyfriend

What does it mean when a boy ask you do you have a bf?

it means he wants to ask you out but 1st he wants to know if you have a boyfriendIt's short for boyfriend.

How do you know if the boy you are seeing considers himself your boyfriend?

Ask him.

How do you ask a boy to be you Boyfriend?

you could try the direct approach

How do you ask someone to be your boyfriend or girlfriend?

say be my boy friend

Why don't I got a boyfriend?

because you have not asked a boy to be your boyfriend sooo go ask one

What do you do if you make your boyfriend cry?

It is fairly simple, ask another boy out and make out with him in front of your old boyfriend.

What does it mean when your best friends boyfriend is your own boyfriend in your dreams?

It means that the boy likes you or he is goin to ask you out

How do you start to ask a boy to be your boyfriend?

You show you really really like him.

How do you get the boy you like be your boyfriend?

You become friends first, then ask hin out.

How do you get a virtual boyfriend on Build-a-Bearville?

go to a boy and ask him

What if you ask a boy to be your boyfriend and they say no on club penguin?

Well, why do you care that much.

What to ask your friend's boyfriend?

well you don't ask him anything at all and may i ask why you are gonna ask him something .. if you like your boyfriend friend and then you are the worst girl\boy .. or if you just wanna ask him waht he likes you should know by now

How should you ask a boy to be your boyfriend?

you say, "Hey, you want to go out with me?" and wait for an answer. That simple.

Does she hawe a boy friend?

Ask Her Then? Or She Might Actually Not Be Interested In You? So She Has Gotta Boyfriend.

How do you get a girl in 4th grade to like you more than another boy?

ask her out and kiss her and she starts to like and she will ask you to be her boyfriend

How do you get the boy you like to kiss you?

If he likes you and your dating ask. If you two dont go out then ask if he wants to be your boyfriend then like a week in, ask if you two can kiss.

How do you convince your friends that you have a boyfriend?

take your boy friend up to your friends and ask the boy if you two are going out

If you like a boy and he likes you and if you are eleven and he's twelve does that make us boyfriend and girlfriend?

Someone has to ask the other to be their boyfriend or girlfriend in which then you will be a couple.

What are some creative ways to ask a boy to be your boyfriend?

ask do he like different people then say your name and he'll say yes

If you can't trust your boy friend then what to do?

Ask yourself why he isn't your ex-boyfriend. No trust, no relationship

How do you get a boy to be you boyfriend?

just be yourself and if he looks at you smile back at him.=talk to him, get to know him and if he likes you he will ask you out!=

How to get a boyfriend your age?

Just walk up to him and ask him out. Try to impress the boy. Find out what he likes.