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if your going out with a girl and u want a kiss u lean forward and see how she thinks then go

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How do you tell if a girl is ready to kiss you?

Depends on the girl, and how old you are, and how long you've been dating. The best answer is that she is "ready" to kiss you, when she wants to kiss you. And to find out that you could always ask her...

How do you surprise kiss your girlfriend?

Ask her if her shirt is on backwards, when she looks down, get ready.. when she looks back up Kiss her. Love, A girl

How do you do fingering of your girl friend?

you sex her secretly or kiss her * If you need 2 ask this question your not ready to finger your girl friend

How do you convince a girl to let you kiss her?

Get really cute Then go with your friends where you know shes gonna be and then talk to her and go to a place where nobody can see you and ask for a kiss

How do you ask a girl to kiss you and your a girl?

This is like any relationship, you need to see if the other girl is interested in you, then privately try and be ready to be rebuffed.

How long before you kiss a girl?

It is different times for everyone. Ask her if she is ready, and if she says no then don't rush her. She will like you better if you let her take her time. When she is ready, kiss her when the time is right.

How do you approach a girl that your not friends with but you like her?

let her notice you and sorta let her start a conversation and tell her about you just get to know her and when you think shes ready and your ready ask her out

What does it mean when a girl can't look at you?

worst case scenario, shes trying to make a joke out of you. Ask her, but be ready for anything.

How do you ask a girl out if you're unpopular and shes shy?

Just ask her because if shes shy there s no way shes going to ask you.

Do you kiss them when they ask you?

you should only kiss someone when you feel ready to. If someone asks you and you don't think your ready, don't kiss them

How to ask out a girl?

say they hot an cute and then kiss then ask

How do you when to ask her out?

If Shes Asked If Your Guys Are Ever Going To Go Out Shes Ready! When you feel brave enough to. There is no real time to do it only when you are ready to.

How do you kiss my lover or how to ask her a kiss?

you kiss your lover only if you love them. then if you are in love with her/him and shes/he is in love with you too then ..................glad i can help:)

What does it mean when a shy girl acts mean toward her crush?

it usally means that shes playin hard to get.and that she is probaly ready for him to ask her out.

When can a girl ask to marry?

A girl can ask to get marry when shes 24 years old!!!

How can you ask a girl out on a dance?

Well you could go up to her when shes by herself and just look at her and ask her "Would you dance with me?" but be ready for both asnwers yes and no cause that usually happens

How do you get a girl to strip for you if shes your best friend?

Ask her.

How can you kiss your best friend that's a girl?

Find out if she likes you. If so, ask her if she would like to. If not, wait until Christmas and have the mistletoe ready.

When you ask a girl out and they reply saying maybe what does it mean or how long should you wait to ask again?

Ask her what she meant by maybe. If she doesnt tell you, its a no. Either shes not ready to date you, or shes not interested. If you hassle her, it'll really turn her off. Talk to her, though. Eventually (if its a no) she might change her mind.

How can you say to girl to kiss you lip?

just ask the girl if she wants to kiss you and then kiss her. if she pushes away dont push her.

What do you do to ask a girl out but you are so shy?

ask her to come over ur house or if shes not your friend join a club shes in or something.

Your girlfriend wont kiss you?

it depends how long uve been going out for?if its like 2 months and u havent kissed, ask her y and if she says shes not ready id dump her and move on

How do you ask a boy out if you're a girl?

kiss him

What is the next step after you ask a girl if shes single and she says yes?

then ask her on a date.

When should you ask your girlfriend to kiss you?

after about 1-4 weeks, but if shes wide open about 2weeks