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it depends if you are dating them,

if you are, just say

" I want to make this Valentines day special for you, what should I get you that will make that happen?"

if you aren't say...

"are you dating someone?"

(answer is yes) "what do you think he is getting you for Valentines day?"

-(i dont know) "well what do you want"

"whatdo you think he is getting you for Valentines day?"

(ex. chocolates) "is there anything else you might like?"

if they arent dating say...

"what do you want, i mean... if your not dating i might as well get you something!"

lol hope this helps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Q: How do you ask a girl what they want for valentines?
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What does it mean to ask someone will they be their valentines?

It means that they want you to be their Boyfriend/Girlfriend.

When should ask a girl to be your valentine?

on valentines day, and give her something nice, like a rose^_^

How do you ask a girl out when you're nervous?

With Valentines Day coming it is the perfect time. Send her/him a Valentines day card with a box of chocolate or with roses and ask her/him to go out with you in the card. " Like say will you go out with me, will you be my valentine."

How do you ask a girl to be with you?

well first you have gotta be into her, and try to catch her attention, give her a special gift, on valentines day, or just ask her out.

What should I ask for Valentine's Day from a girl if they ask you what to get them?

tell them.."baby what do you want me to get you for valentines?"trust it boyfriend tried it on worked great cuz he really didnt know wat to get me....try it.... say all i want is you and since i already got that i have nothing too ask for :D

Should you buy a boy a valentines day gift?

No, valentines is for the women. It's a girl holiday. Show your appreciation through a card or verbally on valentines day, that's all men want.

Approximately what percentage of valentines cards are bought by women?

Women mostly buy about 898 percent of valentines out of 1,00 percent for their men. Most ask if they want to have sex!

What do guys want for valentines?

Well I'm only one guy but for valentines day id like the girl i have a crush on to text me or call me. If he's your boyfriend I would want a kiss and a i love you and i would be happy

What to ask girl out on phone?

You can ask everything you want to ask to a girl on the phone why to think so much.

How do you ask a girl for valentines?

secretly put flower in her locker but don't telll heryou did it if you are right next to her locker she'll think you did it

What kind of negras want a valentines gift?

the kind of negras who want a valentines gift must be strong and G's and they don't want know chocolate or flowers they want gold g sytle ring the whole 9 that's what real G's want for valentines want and while negras want valentines gifts

What a guy wants for valentines day?

If your in love with a guy, and you want to give him something for Valentines Day, you should probably give him a kiss on the cheek, but if you don't want to, then you should just give him chocolates. Also ask the guy if he wants to have sex. I did! It's a great experience!

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