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How do you ask a guy with a cold exterior if you are friends?

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βˆ™ 2006-08-29 05:21:15

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It's not a good idea to second-guess another's feelings. Some men can come off shy to very cool around other people, but actually they may have problems in their lives and could have come from an abusive family. There are a low percentage of men/women that certainly have no morals and little love in their hearts for anyone but themselves. If you think you can play the game of taming a wild guy then I'd take a second thought on that one. Relationships are hard enough without playing games. If he wanted you as a friend he'd put out signals letting you know that. Move on!

2006-08-29 05:21:15
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Is it better to ask out a cold exterior guy or keep waiting even though he doesn't like you but you like him?

Not to be mean or anything, but why would you want to ask a guy out that is cold and does not like you? I don't want for you to get hurt or mistreated in any way. You should go out with people who are not cold and like you:) Good luck and God Bless:)

How do you know if a guy is single or married?

Ask him. Ask his friends.

How do you find out if a guy already has a girlfriend?

ask him, or ask his friends

How do you know if a clueless guy likes you?

ok so you ask one of your friends to ask this guy if he likes you and if he does ask him out.

How can you tell if a guy likes you but the guy is totally unpredictable?

You dont tell you ask or get one of your friends to ask or get one of his friends to cough up the info.

Why does a guy you like ask his friends to ask if i like him?

he may like you

How do you convince a guy to ask your friend out?

Well, get friends with his friends and try to get his friends to ask him! or even get close to him which i wouldn't do cuz then he might ask you out so if ur friend with his friends then you can get him to

How do you ask a really shy guy out?

The best way to ask a shy guy out is not to ask him in public. Don't ask your friends to ask him for you, or don't ask his friends to ask him. Say it straight to his face. Make him feel at ease, so try to sound relaxed.

How can you get a guy to tell you if he likes you or not?

Ask him or ask one of his friends that you are friends with too. Then you would know, even if it was indirectly.

How can you tell if a guy just wants to stay friends?

...ask one of his friends (if you are their friend also) to ask him subtly

How do you ask a guy to the dance?

Go up to him when he's not around his friends and ask.

You like this guy and his friends are telling you he like you do you believe his friends or ask him?

ask him because his friends might be bull sh*tting u

How do you get the guy you like to like or ask you out?

you get one of your friends to ask him if he likes you, then tell that friend to ask you out

How do you find out if a guy has a girlfriend already?

You can either ask his friends and if you don't know his friends then be friendly to this guy and simply ask if he's dating anyone. It's called 'communication.'

How do you kiss a guy infront of his friends?

depends on the guy if you are going out with him ask him if its ok with him first

Show a guy you like him?

ask him for his number, and ask him if he wants to go to a movie with his and your friends.

How do you ask a guy to hang out just as friends?

Just tell him where you are going to be and ask him to meet you.

What to do if you like a guy?

ask him out or try being friends with him first

How do you know if a guy likes you or just wants to be friends?

Ask him.

How do you find out if a guy out of your league likes you?

get some of his friends to ask him.

How do you make your boyfriend hug you in front of his guy friends?

Ask him to.

This guy wants to talk about us becausei had someone ask him out forme but you got plans so should you blow off your friends or stick with your plans?

Your friends will be there tomorrow for you but the guy may not ask twice - go with the guy.

How do you get a guy to txt you?

If this guy likes you , he will ask for your number . If you really like him become friends then ask him for his number . But don't rush anything .

How do you ask out a guy that has a girlfriend?

This is coming from a guy just ask him if you like him or have a friend to do it for you But do it by yourself because I don't like their friends asking for them

How do you get a guy to ask you out if he won't get to know you?

well see hes friends and ask them if he talks about if yes he likes you and ask him out?