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If she has been hurt, and just wants to be single I would suggest just spending time with her being her friend. Not trying to get her to commit to a relationship, or get in bed, or be more. Investing time with someone being just friends shows a lady that if it's worth having it's worth waiting for. My partner and I spent alot of time being friends and just hanging out with each other, granted we liked each other but just hung out and didn't sleep with each other, or do anything but friends. It was probably the best thing ever. It showed us that we meant more then just a fling, or whatever. It gave us time to get to really get to know each other, appreciate each other, and when we finally did get together it was very nice because we had already invested time in each other. Several years later we are still together, but we both wanted the good the bad and the ugly... being friends allowed us to get on the same page.. and see each other in different lights.. it's a different kind of appreciation. I wish more people nowdays would take time to be friends before they shared intimacies, and made commitments they think sound good but aren't sure they can follow thru on.. being friends allows you to see what kind of integrity somebody really has, and today that is really important. = Answer = Just be her friend, and I mean friend. You must gain her trust even as a friend. When she feels comfortable with you she will relax and be herself. Once she is convienced that you are not trying to get her into bed, and that your motives are pure she will be able to communicate to you her true desires. She may just be saying that she wants to be single just to protect herself. True friendships take time to develope,and should be a prerequisite to a relationship. If your intentions are to just take her out, then be clear about it and do just that. If you are trying to get a commitment from her, be clear about it, and take the baby steps. Whatever you do, remember that it is her decision and you need to respect whatever that is. She is a delicate and fragile flower so dont blow her petals aways. Just be friends with her and wait for her to bring up the subject of dating. Show her you respect her feelings and she will be attracted to that! If you are positive that she has feelings for you, then try asking her out flatly. If not, then continue in being friends with her and maybe she will soon have feelings for you once she gains your respect.

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Q: How do you ask a nice girl out if she has had her heart broken many times before and she wants to be single?
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