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Its either she doesnt like you or she is emabarrased to talk to you coz she also likes you.

For me, as a girl, if I would know that my crush had a crush on me too, I would seldom talk to him and be shy.

As for my advice to you, don't get disappointed. Talk to her why is she acting that way; And that would work things perfectly :-) I think you should talk to her definatly, tell her to let you know if she doesn't like you, make sure you don't talk to her in front of her friends though... it sounds stupid but she will get embaressed and it will all be a bit awkward. In person is best though.

I had this happen to me to. I was so happy and excited I just didn't know what to say. I waited and waited for a week for him to talk to me, he eventually did and we ended up being the high school sweet hearts.

She is obviously embarassed that someone likes her. Dont take it as a bad thing though. She may like you, but it was a big shock for her to get a valentine from you. If she is a very outgoing (maybe a little loud) you can go aproach her and talk to her about it, or you can wait for her to talk to you. Wait two weeks and if she doesnt talk to you can go talk to her. If she is really shy, just let her take her time and think about what happened. I think it is a sweet thing to do but maybe wait a little longer (like 15) until you make a romantic gesture like that.

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Q: How do you attract a 13-year-old girl if you are also 13 and she stopped talking to you after you sent her a valentine?
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