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How do you balance the water in an above ground vinyl-lined pool if the total alkalinity is at 240 and your pH is 6.8?

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Start by draining the pool half way and refilling it. That should cut the alkalinity in about half, which is about where you want to be. When it's in the 100 to 120 ppm range, you should be able to adjust your pH properly without having to chase wild and frequent fluctuations. Chances are good that if you adjust the alkalinity to where it needs to be, the pH will be about right. You may not need to add any pH plus or minus at all. Don't waste all that water, though. Use as much as you can to backwash and rinse the filter!

2006-08-17 19:06:27
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What is meant by the term alkalinity?

The word 'alkalinity' means pH values above 7

How much muriatic acid should you use use to lower alkalinity in a 5600-gallon above-ground pool?

26 fluid ounces of Muriatic acid (31.4%) will decrease the alkalinity in 10,000 gals by 10ppm.

How do you lower alkalinity in a vinyl above ground pool without lowering the pH?

The only way to lower your alkalinity is to use a pH decreaser. adding acid will also do the trick but for vinyl pools it is easier to just use a pH decreaser ( which is acid) and then adjust the pH. Remember not to use expensive alkalinity plus...arm and hammer is alot cheaper and the same thing. It costs 1.87 for a 4 lb box.Alkalinitywe haven't been able to get our pool clear...the alkalinity is soooo high and we are about to go nuts with tempt in 90's...HELP!

What do pH values above 7 represent?

Values of above 7 represent alkalinity, below, represent acidity.

How long should a vinyl liner last on an above-ground pool?

AnswerI had one and it will last for many years if you keep it clean and covered when your not using it mine lasted 4 years. Correct PH and alkalinity is importantI have been told by pool shop owners that keeping PH and alkalinity at the proper value will help get the longest life from the liner. Adjust alkalinity to 80 to 120 ppm first. Then adjust PH to 7.2 to 7.4. Check weekly. It is especially important that these values are correct prior to pool closing. AnswerAbove ground pool liners will last 6-10 years in most cases.

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Just go to your local pool supply store and ask for pH adjusting chemicals.

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What should the alkalinity be for above ground pools?

Pretty much the same as any pool however there may be some slight variances for vinyl pools. Consult your pool store for an accurate answer in your area. This can be done by phone. k

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What will reduce strong alkalinity without drastically increasing PH in pools?

pH and Alkalinity/Acidity are functions of each other. pH's above 7.0 are considered alkaline and pH's below 7.0 are considered acidic. So reducing the alkalinity will by it's very nature reduce the pH of the pool.

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What are small bubbles attached to the side of the above ground vinyl liner and my water is green also?

Likely the bubbles are nitrogen, a by-product of the natural matter rotting in the bottom of your pool. The algae feed on this rot, nitrogen, and sunlight. You need to run your filter until this clears up, backwashing as needed (monitor pressure gauge to know when) and balance pool for Alkalinity, PH, and chlorine (in that order.)