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How do you become a Corporal in the US Marines?

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Enlist in the Marine Corps, go through basic training and do your time. Complete the required course work for your MOS. If you don't get into trouble, you should make corporal in a couple years.

Also in action you commit an act of selfless bravery or help out your division in an extrodinary way in action you should make corpral or higher a couple days after the action if seen by a sergant or any higher rank and they reccamen you for it.

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Is corporal higher than lieutenant in the US Marines?

No, A Corporal is an NCO and a Lieutenant is a commissioned Officer.

What is the rank down form sergeant?

In the US Army, there's two ranks - Specialist, and Corporal. In the US Marines, it's just Corporal. The Specialist rank in the Army is not an NCO rank, whereas Corporal is.

What does CPL mean in the marines?

CPL means Corporal in the marines

Do more Marines become a Ranger or more Rangers become Marines?

You are mixing services. Rangers are a part of the US Army. US Marines are a separate military unit.

What rank do you get your blood stripe in the Marines?


What is an E-4 called in the Marines?


What is an E4 in the Marine Corps?

Corporal. Note: An E3 in the Marine Corps is called a lance corporal; a rank which to the best of my knowledge only exists in the British Army and the US Marines. A lance corporal is the highest enlisted rank, and a corporal is the lowest non-commissioned officer rank.

What is the average age of a marine lance corporal?

My boyfriend went through the Young Marines and was a Lance Corporal at age 19.

Can an marine sergeant tell a corporal he cannot counsel marines until he completes a pt session?

A marine sergeant cannot tell a corporal that he cannot counsel marines until he completes a PT session.

What is a Corporal in the US Marines?

An E-4. The rank had 2 chevrons (one on top of the other) and has 2 crossed rifles underneath the 2 chevrons

What us branch of service is older the navy or marine corp?

The Continental Navy and Marines were established together, and later they became the US Navy and Marines, but the Marines did not become a corps until much later.

Can a recruiter become a gunnery Sergeant?

If the recruiter is an active duty US Marine he can become any grade that he earns through hard work, recommendations from a commanding officer and length of service time. Marines start as private, pfc, lance corporal, corporal, sergeant, staff sergeant and then gunnery sergeant. And finally the highest ranks of enlisted men the Master Sergeant and First Sergeant

How much money does a lance corporal in the marines make?

around $810-$850 it depends

How long does it take to become a corporal in the marines?

It all depends on the Cutting Score for you MOS and the needs of the Marine Corps. Usually, anywhere from 2.5-4 Years depending on your job.

How do you become a Lance Corporal in the Marines?

Stay in, don't get into trouble and do a good job. Some courses will help as well. It doesn't take long, probably less than a year.

How can you skip being a Private and become a Sergeant in the US Marines?

You don't. Just like all enlisted Marines you are a private. No skipping ranks.

What is the abbreviation for a corporal in the us army?

corporal= cpl.

I saw the question 'What is the order of ranks in the army' but isn't there a gunnery sergeant too?

Gunnery Sergeant and Lance Corporal are names of ranks used by the US Marines. The Question was about the US Army.

How do you become a medic in the US Marines?

you enlist in the navy as a corpsman and you will be assigned a medical profession.

How does the marines protect us?

the marines protect us from the air

What does a corporal do in the marines?

Corporal is the first rank considered NCO or non commisioned officer. What they do in the Corps depends on what military occupational specialty they hold. Typically the corporal will be supervising those beneath him, or enforcing orders issued by those above him.

What happened after 240 US Marines were killed in Lebanon?

US Marines were withdrawn from Lebanon.The marines were withdrawn from Lebanon A+ answerThe Marines were withdrawn from Lebanon

Are most Navy Seals Marines?

No, Navy SEALs are members of the US Navy. The Marines are a separate branch of the military. You do not become a SEAL by joining the Marine Corps.

When did Hitler become a corporal?


Do you address a marine as Lance Corporal or US Marine Lance Corporal?

If they hold the rank of Lance Corporal, you would address them as Lance Corporal...