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Many people who dream of designing gardens don't need to become a landscape architect, and being a landscape designer (without the architect's exam and internship) can be an excellent career choice for many. Check out my article on becoming a landscape designer:

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Q: How do you become a landscape architect?
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What level of education is needed to become a landscape designer?

Landscape designer courses are available at many community colleges and universities. A degree is recommended but not necessary to become a landscape designer. Note: a landscape 'designer' is not the same as a Landscape Architect.

What do you have to do to become a landscape architect as well as an industrial architect and an interior designer?

you have to be a good designer and drawer, you have to be a good worker by your self, and you have to have intrist in it before you decied to be a architect.

What is the difference between a landscape designer and a landscape architect?

A Landscape Architect has a professional degree, and in 49 of 50 states you have to be Registered with the Board of Landscape Architecture to be able to call yourself "Landscape Architect". Anyone can refer to themselves as a Landscape Designer legally.

Is landscape architect a proper noun?

No, the compound noun 'landscape architect' is a common noun, a general word for a person whose job is to plan and create large outdoor spaces.A proper noun for the common noun 'landscape architect' is the name of a specific landscape architect.

What is the difference between architect and a landscape architect?

Simply, an architect designs buildings and a landscape architect designs landscaped areas such as public parks. Of course in reality there can be a bit of overlap, an architect might design the layout of a landscaped area, and a landscape architect might design some small structures in a landscape. Ultimately they are different specialisations with different areas of knowledge.

When did Harry Howard - landscape architect - die?

Harry Howard - landscape architect - died in 2000.

When was Harry Howard - landscape architect - born?

Harry Howard - landscape architect - was born in 1930.

When did George London - landscape architect - die?

George London - landscape architect - died in 1714.

How does a landscape architect use trigonometry?

A landscape architect uses trignometry to measure the height of trees and buildings. They also measure slopes of hillsides.

Landscape architect yearly salary?

A good landscape architect can make around $139,000 a year. If they have their own business, they can bring in even more money.

A landscape architect designs a patio with tiles. Which types of symmetry are not found in the tessellation shown?


What the differences between a civil engineer and a landscape architect?

The most basic difference is the education. A civil engineer does usually have a degree in engineering. A landscape architect is more artistic then a civil engineer. Civil engineer deals with the actual building while a landscape architect deals with the landscaping outside the building.

What kind of work is involved in the job of a landscape architect?

The kind of work that is involved in the job of a landscape architect is that of designing a landscape, garden or other outdoor space. They may design spaces for aesthetics, environmental concerns and landmarks to name a few.

How much do they pay architect managers?

The U.S. National Average Salary for a landscape architect manager is $99,998/year.

What does 'architecte payagiste' mean in English?

Architecte payagiste is French for landscape architect. A landscape architect would be responsible for the planning and design of outdoor areas such as green spaces and parks.

How does someone become an architect?

a person becomes an architect by becoming an architect

How Much Does A Landscape Architect Earn Yearly?

6000 dollars a month

What is the name for one skilled in the art of placing building?

Landscape Architect

How many years of college does a landscape architect do?

four to five years

How much money dose a landscape architect make?

They get paid about$300

Landscape architect opportunities for advancement?

Please re-post this formulated as a question

Landscape Architect?

form_title= Landscape Architect form_header= Hire the experts to keep your landscaping beautiful! What is the square footage of your yard?*= _ [50] Do you want to plant trees and flowers?*= () Yes () No Do you want to install water features?*= () Yes () No

What is the average yearly salary of an Lanscape architect?

The average salary of a landscape architect is $97,000 dollars a year. This can be more if he or she has their own private business.

What tests do you have to take to become an architect?

Architect Registration Exam

Can you use the word architect in a sentence?

I am studying to become an architect.