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How do you become a marine biologist?

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2017-09-10 09:45:49

You have to do is go to University and study animal biology

which is in science. Many schools have distinct Marine Biology

programs. Keep in mind that most people who are considered Marine

Biologists have masters or Doctorate Degrees, which means you will

be in University for about 7 years.

Another way to become a marine biologist is to lie to your new

girlfriend and say you are one because you are embarrassed about

being unemployed. Then remove a golf ball from the blow hole of a

choking beached whale in front of a crowd of people.

Study hard, go to collage, and get a degree for marine


Good grades mostly, such as (in GCSEs and A Levels)

Biology (obviously)

Chemistry and/or Physics

Maths (possibly)



They need to be around A* to B (or C which a minimum I would


And it would help to get into these uni's: South Hampton, St.

Andrews, Plymouth, Swansea, etc. They normally do courses for

undergrads for Marine Biology, Oceanography and Costal Ecology.

Hope this helps!

(p.s. if you're not from the UK I'm not sure what other good

uni's there are abroad, I only know that these are good ones)


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