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How do you become a paediatrician?

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To become a pediatrician, you need to graduate from college, then graduate from medical school, and then complete a pediatrics residency program. In total it takes about 11 years after high school to become a pediatrician.

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Can you study to become a paediatrician from home?


How much do you have to study to become a pidiatrician?

a lot if you cant even spell paediatrician a lot if you cant even spell paediatrician

How long do you study to become paediatrician?

If you have to become a paediatrician first you hav to do your mbbs, which will be of 5 years.then you will learn the specialist course which is for two totally u hav to learn for 7 yrs.

Where do i become a paediatrician?

you need to go to university and study medicine this way you can progress on to becoming a paediatrician. Studying medicine is a long and hard degree course, but if you are committed to putting the work in then i wish you every luck in the future of becoming a paediatrician

Do you need to go to a University to become a pediatrician?

yes well you need to to university to become a paediatrician and you have to graduate and finish the course

What is the difference between a pediatrician and a paediatrician?

A pediatrician and a paediatrician are the same. Paediatrician and paediatrics are variant, chiefly British, spellings of pediatrician and pediatrics.

What is a paediatrician?

A paediatrician is a physician who specializes in paediatrics - the study and treatment of children's illnesses or diseases.

Why would a paediatrician go to a children's nursey?

A paediatrician is a doctor specialising in the treatment of children.

What subjects do you need to study to become a paediatrician?

The main subjects that you need to study are: Chemistry, Biology, Health and Physics.(:

What is a pediatrician's field of expertise?

If you mean Paediatrician, then a Paediatrician works specifically with children in the field of medicine.

How long does it take to become a pediatrician in the state of Tennessee?

It depends how much you like kids. If you like them a lot, you become a paediatrician very quickly. Good luck.

How old do you have to be to become a paediatrician?

You can be any age as long as you have completed a medical degree and another six or more years of training.

What part of science to become a pediatration?

A paediatrician is a doctor who works with children. The area of science would be Medical science/Medicine

Is paediatrician a proper noun?


Should paediatrician have a capital letter?

No. Under normal circumstances, the word paediatrician does not require a capital. Fields of study or specialisation are not capitalised. However, it is correct to begin tye word with a capital when it is used in lists or directories, or when addressing a formal letter to a paediatrician.

What is it called when you are a doctor to children?

they are called a paediatrician

What is the average salary for a paediatrician?

$93,000 AUD

How much does a Paediatrician earn in the UK?

It depends on whether one is a junior doctor, or a more experienced consultant paediatrician. The average starting for a good paediatrician in the UK is approx. £85,000 per year meaning paediatrics is a well paid job and that increases with experience and hours of work

How much does a paediatrician get paid?

60k-400k a year

What kind of doctor works with children and infants?

A paediatrician.

What doctor specializes in babies only?

Neonatal Paediatrician

What are the subjects that relate to a paediatrician?

business and some others

What qualifications do you need to be a paediatrician?

What is the profession of Sachin Tendulkar's wife Anjali?

Anjali is a paediatrician.

What doctor helps children?

A paediatrician is a doctor that helps children.