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Answer money to lend and a contractIt's actually a question of contract law. If you have money you can lend it to anyone you choose. All that is truly required is a lender a borrower and a contract. Best bet is to have an attorney draw up contracts for you covering all bases. Attorneys are a better choice than a real estate agent when buying or selling property due to the fact agents have limited knowledge of contracts.

I always recomend going to a (known) good attorney for all real estate concerns.

I have clients who would love to borrow from you.

Any other questions address to B.C. at BC Commodities jolllyroger@Yahoo.comI am a personal one on one real estate mentor.Please contact me if you decide to become a hard money lender and we can discuss further hwat types of loans you wish to make as well as how to drive business to you.

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Q: How do you become a real estate hard money lender?
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What is a "Hard Money Lender"?

A hard money lender loans money with real estate as collateral. The rates tend to be higher than a mortgage because the loans are usually made to people in serious financial trouble.

Is the Hard Money lender the same as a Real Estate Lender?

No, banks can issue real estate loans and mortgages but Hard Money Lenders usually have higher interest rates. Hard Money Lending should always be a last resort given their higher interest rate and lower loan to value rates

Find a Hard Money Lender?

form_title=Find a Hard Money Lender form_header=Use real estate as collateral for a short-term loan. What is the amount that you are seeking for a loan?=_ What type of property do you have?=_ Do you have any prior experience investing in distressed real estate assets?= () Yes () No

Where can I find a hard money lender in the Seattle area?

This lender will do hard money loans in Seattle:

How does a hard money lender make his profits?

A hard money lender provides a short term loan with a high interest rate and fees. Further a hard money lender will only lend if in an equity position.

What should a real estate investor look for in a hard money lender?

You will want to look for the lowest possible rate and the longest possible term.

Where can I find a hard money lender in florida?

You can find hard money lenders nationwide at

What is a private hard money lender?

A Private hard money lender is what is considered to be a loan shark. This should be your very last resort in obtaining a loan. It is a very risky entitity to get involved with a loan shark.

How can you find a good hard money lender in Los Angeles California?

Hard_money_lenders_Los_Angeles_California!">Hard money lenders Los Angeles California!Finding a direct hard money lender in Los Angeles California is not easy these days. Most of the hard money sources you will find out there are mortgage brokers and other real estate professionals that will charge you higher interest rates and higher points in order to connect you with investors they know.If you are at the point you need hard money loan in Los Angeles CA, then search for a direct hard money lender and make sure it is not a broker.The way you will recognize a direct hard money lender is by asking questions like:1. How much points you charge?2. What is your interest rates?3. Are you a direct hard money lender?4. How long it will take you to fund my deal?5. You draw your own loan docs?By asking question you will know instantly if the person on the phone is a direct source or just a middle person that is trying to earn some money.Hard money lenders in Los Angeles California can help you with properties in Los Angeles county, Ventura county, Orange county, Riverside County, San Bernardino county, South Bay county, etc.Some hard money lenders from California will help you with properties in northern California, but they will probably look for specific type of real estate(probably more commercial with income).If you need lower Interest rates, Lower point and fees from a direct hard money Lender in Los Angeles California then you should contact us and we will help you, even if you have bad credit and low

need a hard money lender to fund prime real estate will share prifit half and half.?

Call your rich uncle or other family member. I don't think you'll find a private lender willing to help you. clerify your proposal. I am open minded.

Is it hard getting into real estate?

The staring of any business is difficult.real estate business is hard because it needs a lot of money.

How much higher is the interest rate from a hard money lender if you can't get a loan from a traditional bank?

The interest rate on a hard money loan is substantially higher than that of a traditional bank loan because they do not conform to the traditional banking standards. Hard money loans tend to be used for short term uses from real estate investors who plan to not carry the loan for very long.

How do you get hard money to buy real estate?

You earn it. Get a realty license and sell property. Save your money, reinvest it, and work hard.

Where can I find a hard money lender online?

I'm not sure if you're looking for a lender with an online application process or just a list of lenders. If it's a list, I'd look here: or here

What do hard money lenders do?

A hard money lender is the person who offers you money loan which is actually an asset-based loan financing. The process is usually about the borrower acquiring funds that are secured by real property.

When Should I Use a Hard Money Lender?

If you are looking for a way to save money, a hard money lender is probably not the way to go. If you need a way to get quick money for emergencies, such as to save your house from foreclosure, a hard money lender may be exactly what a homeowner needs to remain in his home.Hard money lenders provide a certain amount of collateral that is typically backed by the equity a person has built up in his home. The amount a person can borrow in this way is limited, and there are other undesirable aspects of the loan as well.The biggest problem a person may have with a hard money lender is that the interest rates are much higher than the prime lending rate and slightly higher than the rates that exist in the subprime mortgage lending market. Because hard money lenders deal with the types of loans that banks and even bad credit money lenders will not touch, they must find some way to make a profit and regain the amount they loaned the individual.The hardest part of getting a hard money loan is finding a lender willing to hand out this type of loan. America is not blessed with a large supply of this type of lender, although bank loan officer may be able to help a person find a hard money lender that can meet his needs.A person who wants to save as much money any way he possibly can wants to find some other way to find emergency funds. Selling assets such as stocks, bonds, or even unwanted real estate may provide a person with the extra funds he needs. Even getting a subprime refinance mortgage loan will save a person money in a long run. Sometimes, a no-cash out refinance may be exactly what a person in this situation needs. Just remember that there are limits on the second type of loan as well.�

What are the benefits of a private hard money lender?

Private, hard money lenders can be a benefit in that they may be able to provide you a loan if you have credit so low that mainstream lenders won't take a risk on you.

Does a hard money lender require a credit check or income verification?

johni:No.the loan is based on the lendees assets.

Is there any hard money lender who can give loan with bad credit history?

It's called a pawn shop.

When getting a lending company to loan some money, how hard is it to convince them to give a little more?

Every lender has different criteria. If you are not satisfied with the loan offer apply at a different lender.

Is it hard to become a real estate agent?

It is relatively easy to become a real estate agent. You would take your State's required courses and then a test to pass the State test and become licensed to engage in real estate.It is difficult to earn a living in real estate.But if you able to get through the market and use your experiences and knowledge, you may be able to become one of the best realtor agents in the market.

Was it hard for Rihanna to become an artist?

No, it wasnt hard for her to become a famous artist, as she is a satanist that outrightly worships the devil. She sold her soul for fame and money.

Will it ruin your credit if you have to use a hard money lender?

Hard money lenders will not effect your credit rating in one way or another. They are not a financial institution like the banks so the Government does not back the lending so they can not effect your credit rating. The hard money lenders are for the higher risk catagories of leanders to enable them to secure a loan.

Is builders real estate funding available through

It depends what type of financing you qualify for. You can get a loan if it is an owner occupied residential home from your bank . if you need private financing you are probably looking at a rehab hard money loan. A direct lender like bridge loans lenders would work.

What is a hard money loan?

A hard money loan is a "Specific type of loan where a borrower takes funds based on the value of undeveloped real estate. Hard money loans are usually issued at higher interest rates than commercial mortgages." according to sites like