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Go to the boardwalk, go to the activities and then go ALLL the way down. (I didn't notce there would be more if you just went down some more) and then sign up for poetry, writer's group and any other activities that have something to do with writing.

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You must choose an activity (sign up at the Camp or Boardwalk) and max it out every day (3 times). For example, you become a fashion designer by participating in the sewing circle. You can also find careers in sports, writing, art, acting, and singing. I think each career can take different amounts of time to become a superstar in, so be patient . You'll know when you've become a superstar when a window pops up and says something like "So-and-so likes your style and has offered you an internship at such-and-such" (for fashion designers). Press yes, and you've become a superstar!

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you cant

(MayaSprouse edit)

It's possible, practice your dancing using the training feature then practice your singing by completing Boggie Superstar reality shows. Once you have done this you can be able to win.

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You need to be an actress, or writer, or singer, or something that makes you famous for you career.

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Q: How do you become a superstar on boogie superstar?
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