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How do you become friends with a girl you really like?

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Say hello to her, strike up a conversation, be nice, be yourself and you'll be fine.

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What can i do if i am in love with a girl and she doesn't love me back and she only want to be friends?

Become really good friends with her and if its meant to be she will like you back :)

How do you become friends like friends not girl friends with a grade seven girl when you are grade seven boy and she dose not like you?


How do you get a girl to like you in seventh grade if you are really shy and she is not a really popular girl but has a lot of friends?

Well In 7th grade, if you are really shy then practice not being shy talk in the mirror, think about talking to that girl, and stuff like that. If she's not really popular, but has a lot of friends then become friends with her friends. She'll start to notice you if you are friends with her friends. And it's also good to have her friends approval of you because they might set you two up. Be nice to her, and don't flirt with other girls because she will think you are not interested in her.

Can you make a girl fancy you when she dosen like you?

______________________________________________________________ You can't make a girl fancy you. What you can do is become friends. Just be yourself. If she doesn't like you like that then try to start a friendship because that would make the girl see who you really are.

What do you do if you like a girl but she doesn't know it and she know who you are but your not friends?

try to become friends with her and if you cant ask her friends to ask her if she likes you or you friends to ask her. why do you like a girl you dont know?

How do you get a boy to not like another girl?

you cant really get a boy not to like another girl. Its like trying to get you not to like the boy you do like. I know it stinks but you can try to get him to like you instead of that other girl. Show him your personality, become friends then see what happens. :) i hope this helps

How do you become friends and then date?

make friends with someone you like then show that them you are really interested in them.

How do you get a girl to like you and then go out with you?

Become friends and work your way up. I am a girl, I should now. :)

How do you become friends with the girl you like?

Well I mean if you like her just talk to her and get to know her and you should be good on the friends if you are nice to her

How do you make a 12 year old girl who is kinda sad at the moment start to like you?

you can become friends with her or be her comfort until she really starts to appreciate it

How do you make your 2 best friends not like the girl you like?

Tell her they REALLY like her, but not as much as you.

Does a girl like you if she hits you on the arm?

Depends on who the girl is. Sometimes if she is good friends with you she will do it to play around. But if you two arent really good friends and she is like a girlie girl then yes she probable does

If you like a boy or a girl is it really the best thing to just come out and tell them?

well..... it really depends. if the boy or girl is one of your best friends and you hang out all the time then it might ruin it for being friends but it might also help you become BF and GF. but if your not really tight have one of your friends be your wing man and have him or her talk about you to him or her i hope that helps!! :)

How do you get the popularised girl in grade 7 to like you?

talk to her and try to become friends with her first. if she does not like like you at least you are still friends right?

What should you do if you really like the person?

Become friends, then after a while ask them out.

What should I do there is this girl I like but she doesn't like me what should I do. I wrote her a song for V day and she said that I am a really nice guy and she loved the song.?

You should try to be friends with her and become really close and get to know a lot about her and ask her out if it works out with you and her being best friends.

What do you do if you like a girl and your both really close best friends and she says she likes you but doesnt have the feeling and she wishes she could like you but she cant?

i would try and become even stronger friends and then try and get her somthing that she really likes eg:flowers hope that helps who it may concern

How do you get a girl to like you and tell her but if she rejects you still continue being her friend specially if your really good friends?

If you really like a girl and you two are really good friends you should try and move on because you don't want to ruin your friendship.

If a girls friends dont like you and you think the girl might what do you do?

be friends with girl and not her friends friend or you could try and make her friends like you more. If that doesn't work, just don't worry about it, if the girl really likes you, it won't matter what her friends think. Hope this helps!

How do you compete against a hot girl flirting with a boy you like?

You become really good friends with the boy that you like. Get him interested. Tell him about upcoming events that you're going to and ask him if he'd like to go (as friends) so you can get to know each other.

What should a girl do if she likes a boy one year older than her?

"Become friends first" The above is good advice. If you are already friends, become really good friends. Then, once you feel like he might like you back, tell him. But only tell him when you are ready. Just keep in mind, he might not like you back, and that's okay.

I like this girl and we're friends she act weird around me what should I do?

if you really like her ask her out.

How do you become friends with a girl you like?

You should talk more to her and her friends cause you'll never be friends with her without being friends with her friends too.Hope this helps!

Should you tell a girl you like her on facebook?

It really depends on how much you really like this girl. If you like and want to be more serious then just being friends then I would talk to her in person.

What should i do if i really like this boy?

if you really like someone you should become friends with him. If you get to know him more he may find he really likes you the way you like him.