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First, there are different ways to start this debate: Are you opening the debate or is the pro side starting? If you are starting you would ask, 'What is Universal Brotherhood?'. Then ask: 'Has it every been tried before?, Let us look at examples of the meaning of Brotherhood. Brotherhood in this discussion is in its essence from each according to their abilities to each according to their needs.'

From this point you would site examples, Roman in it end day's, Jamestown Va. and it's almost failure before changing to a personal responsibility. The Mayflower Compact in Massachusetts, Russia under communism (starvation and massive death's), China under communism (starvation and massive death's and oppression. Add to China the average monthly salary is $302.00 U.S. while an apartment condo is at minimum $70,000 and needs to be piad for within three years). Then you would move on to the Welfare model in the U.S.A. (the model city is Detroit, as per the pro welfare politician's in 1964 show how it failed)

Then move to how people are by design lazy and greedy, this should be quickly detailed to be easily understood. Show how some people would rather pay video games then work. Do they get the same benefits of those that save your life, or protect your neighborhoods? If so, then why become a doctor, police or firefighter? Those are difficult, stressful jobs. Just about everyone would rather wake up late, play games, hang with friends or just chill right?

Ok, then what happens when most people due this? Let's look back to Jamestown, What I most do not know is that every winter just about 80% of the people died a painful death from starvation, some of the survivors actually ate the dead and in some cases helped the dying to die in order to eat. Is this the way you are wanting to help the world to go? Do you want the world to go backwards where people die without not only anyone helping them, but like Hitler helping them? Patriotism is pride in what you do, pride in your community. Patriotism is what Bill Gates, Jon Huntsman, Thomas Edison, George Washington had. Washington gave everything to help free all. Edison failed over and over to give all light. Jon Huntsman took all his money, Billions, and gave it to the betterment of the community, in Cancer research institutes, grant's to colleges, building new departments for study in the Colleges and Universities. Bill Gates in his Patriotism gives away over $30,000,000.00 a year to help the future Americans to have a better chance at reaching their goals then the previous generation. All those I have mentioned started as poor or lower middle class built their fortunes and used their abilities and money to help all those in the world to have a better life. Which is better the model of Patriotism shown buy these only a handful of the total of people that through Patriotism helped not only better themselves but benefited all. Or my fellow debaters that would rather want to have the Jamestown... communist... Welfare model that throughout history failed over and over. Should we learn from History or yet again repeat it's failures?

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Q: How do you begin a debate on the question is universal brotherhood more valuable than patriotism?
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