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First look and see if it has bleeder valves somewhere on the highest part of the cooling system. If so use these to bleed the system. If not, then jack up the front of the vehicle or park it on a steep incline and remove the radiator cap. Make sure the radiator is full. Start the engine with heater set to hot, and watch for air bubbles escaping from the radiator. Keep adding coolant when the radiator gets low. When you see not more bubbles, you are done. Repeat this procedure at least one more time in a couple of days.

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What is the engine coolant capacity for a 2002 dodge caravan 2.4L?

The 2002 Dodge Caravan 2.4 liter engine cooling system has a coolant capacity of 5.5 gallons. The cooling system fluid should be 50 percent anti-freeze.

Where do you put engine coolant for Dodge Caravan?

in the coolant resivor

Coolant type for 2008 Dodge Grand Caravan 3.8?

The primary coolant type used for a 2008 Dodge Grand Caravan 3.8 is G-05. It is a synthetic coolant with an orange appearance.

What type of coolant is needed for a 2000 dodge caravan?


What color coolant for 1992 dodge caravan se?


What type of antifreeze for a 2001 Dodge Caravan?

A 2001 Dodge Caravan uses red, five year, HOAT type coolant.

Find the Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor on 2003 dodge grand caravan?

burn that pos wow you can do better than that where is the coolant temp sensor on3.3 engine on a 98 dodge caravan

Can a bad thermostat cause coolant loss in 1994 Dodge Caravan?


What is the engine coolant capacity for a 1993 dodge caravan 3.3L?

I dunnaknow

What is the coolant capacity of a 2003 dodge caravan 3.8 v6?

16.25 QUARTS

What color is the engine coolant found in a 2006 Dodge Caravan SXT?


How do you bleed air out of a 1995 Intrepid 3.3 liter engine coolant system?

To bleed the coolant in a 1995 Dodge intrepid locate the drain plug on the underside of the radiator, un plug it and pour new coolant in the system. Close the plug and while the engine is running find the coolant pressure valve and loosen it to relieve pressure. When bubbles stop forming there is no longer air in the system.

Where is coolant temperature sensor on 2001 dodge caravan?

The coolant sensor is the two wire sensor that is next to the thermostat housing.

Where is the coolant drain plug in a 1997 dodge caravan?

Lower driver side of radiator.

Why Coolant leak below glovebox on Dodge Caravan?

Your heater core is probably bad.

What would make a gurgling noise while idling and at low speeds in a 2001 Dodge Grand Caravan Sport?

Low coolant? Cooling system airbound?

Do you have to drain coolant to change thermostat on 99 grand caravan?

No, you will not have to drain all the coolant to change the thermostat on a 1999 Dodge Grand Caravan. Only the hose that is connected to the thermostat needs to be drained.

What coolant goes in a 2004 Dodge Grand caravan?

Red, 5 year, HOAT type.

Sporadic heat in 2003 Dodge Caravan?

Check coolant level Could be a weak thermostat

What type of coolant does a 2000 dodge grand caravan 3.3 take?


Where is the fuel reset for a 2009 Dodge Grand Caravan?

A 2009 Dodge Caravan does not have a reset switch, the fuel system is computer controlled with relays.

Where is coolant pressure release valve for a 2004 dodge caravan?

The radiator cap controls cooling system pressure.The radiator cap controls cooling system pressure.

What sensor do you have to disconnect to set the timing in a 1989 dodge caravan?

Unplug and reconect the coolant temp sensor.

Where to you add antifreeze in your Dodge Caravan?

When the engine is cold you can add to either the radiator or the coolant recovery bottle.

What type of coolant is needed for a 2005 dodge caravan?

Red, 5 year, HOAT type. Do not use DEXCOOL.