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1) Good Helper
2) Fresh Dot 3 Brake fluid.
3) 3 feet or so of clean tubing to fit the bleed value.
4) Clear container to catch fluid.
5) Proper size Box/Open end wrench. [So you will not round the corners] Step 1. Fill the clutch master cylinder with fluid and then get under the Vehicle. Attach clear tubing to the bleeder and put the other end in a container so you do not get fluid all over you and it helps to keep air from entering the slave cylinder. Open the bleeder until fluid starts to run out. Close the valve. Step 2. Have your Helper press the clutch pedal a few times, then hold it to the floor. While the pedal is on the floor open the bleeder screw quickly and close it again. Release the pedal and press it again and open and close the bleeder screw on the slave cylinder again. You will need to do the press and bleed several times to get all the air out. Once it is out the pedal will feel normal when pressed and you will know the system is working. Also, a good indicator is when no air bubbles come out of the slave cylinder bleeder screw. Helper's Second Job, Since you are under the Vehicle.
Do not let the level in the clutch master cylinder get too low as air will enter the system and you will have to start all over bleeding. Remember, no air in the system is the key to good actuation of the pedal. I've heard of reverse bleeding, but have not tried it yet. If you want to reverse bleed it buy a small pump oil can. Clean it good with brake clean. After it is cleaned out fill with brake fluid and put a small hose on the end. Clean the bleeder value as well since most do not have the protective cap still. Put the hose on the bleed screw and pump fluid slowly until bubbles are out of the top. Do not use a can contaminated with oil or it will ruin the seals. Good Luck and Remember.
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Q: How do you bleed the clutch on a 1998 Nissan Pathfinder?
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