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How do you bleed the cooling system on a 1995 Nissan Quest after the radiator has been replaced?

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2015-07-15 21:12:42
2015-07-15 21:12:42

on the 94 there is a bleed valve on the top of the intake manifold right next to the air idle control valve. it is just a bolt sticking up. check out the haynes repair manual. they show a nice pic of it.

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The cooling system of a BMW 318i is bled by opening the radiator cap and squeezing the upper radiator hose. This purges air from the system which can then be replaced with more coolant.

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If a head gasket is bad, the pressure of combustion can be transferred into the cooling system. The addition pressure in the cooling system can blow out the radiator. Assuming your not replacing it with a used one. Used radiators are usually temporary.

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The radiator is part if the cooling system.

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