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How do you bleed the hydraulic clutch on a 1991 Ford F150?


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2015-07-15 18:21:25
2015-07-15 18:21:25

this is a 2 man job period, top up the master cylinder and pump your petal as you would doing a brake bleed job, there will be a master slave cylinder on the transmission with a nipple on it (I don't know the actual size but I believe its 5/16" or so) it will look and feel like a grease nipple, just crack that open and shut it when the petal hits the floor, repeat as nesscary, don't forget to keep toping the clutch master cylinder

The slave clyinder on my 1991 F 150 does not have a bleeder nipple !


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no not really , but you can bleed air from it by the same method of bleeding brokes

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how do you adjst clutch on 87ford f150

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Bad or improperly installed throw out bearing? broken throw out bearing fork? hydraulic? bad slave cylinder?

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The fluid may of been low and now there is air in the lines. You need to bleed the clutch system..or air got in another way...if the clutch plate is worn the cylinder(actuater) may have over extended causing air to get in.

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