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When your house is fed by a pump, it is fed into a water tank. That tank has a layer of air under pressure on top and water underneath. When you turn on a faucet, the air pressure forces water through your faucet. When your water pressure gets low, the pump turns on. Then the pump fills up your tank.

Every now and then, the tank loses all its air and gets completely full of water. When that happens, you hear loud hammering. Then you have to bleed the tank by getting rid of all the water in it. You save enough to clean it. Hopefully, you can find the directions that came with it. If you can't, here is a procedure that has been used.

You shut down the electricity. You drain the tank. You clean it out. You get rid of the gunk that built up. Then you close it up. You turn on the pump. The water that runs in compresses the air in the tank. That will give you the water pressure when you turn on your faucet before the pump kicks in.

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How do you bleed a bladderless water tank?

Shut the water supply to it and drain it.

How do you bleed a bladder tank?

bleed the air tank by pushing down on the air stem, remove the pressure from the water tank,add correct amount of air to bladder, then start pump.

How do you bleed a water tank?

Needs more explanation - you may be referring to a well pressure tank, if that's the case -say so ! Give us as much information as you can if you expect a good answer.

How do you bleed water pipes on Peugeot 806?

how do I bleed water system on the 806 peugeot

Is the bleed tube on a motorcycle gas tank supposed to hang free?

no its supposed to be clamped down, and its not a bleed tube its an air vent

How do you drain pressure tank?

After the pump is shut off, open a faucet in the house and then begin pressurizing the tank. There is a schrader valve on the tank to insert air in. Add air until there is no more water in the tank and then bleed the air back off. The air pressure in the tank (EMPTY) should equal the pressure switch shut off point.

How much water pressure in your water tank?

Which water tank, well water, cold storage or hot water heater tank.

Function of a water tank?

The function of a water tank is to hold water

Do you bleed in the water when you have your period?

No, when you are in the water your period stops.

How to bleed Fuel system series 60 Detroit?

you should unhook supply line and return fuel line from back of head this will bleed fuel from head. to bleed entire fuel system unhook fuel lines at fuel tank be sure to plug fuel tank or you'll loose all your fuel in tanks.

How does water go in the water tank?

in a tube that goes in to you and cumes out in to a tank

How do you get ephedrine out of oxygen tanks?

Bleed of oxygen tank upside down and bucket of water when all pressures released but it in a vise Take monkey wrench and cheater pipe and get down through there

How do you know if you have water in your gas tank?

The only way to know for sure if a person has water in the gas tank is to drain the tank. Usually a car will sputter and die if there is water in the tank.

What is the diffreence between the water storage tank and suction tank?

A storage tank is usually elevated, and feeds water by gravity. A suction tank relies on a pump to move water.

How can you use the water from my water tank?

I cannot use the water from your tank as I have my own but thank you for offering it

What is a hot water tank called?

A water heater, a hot water tank, a geyser, a boiler.

Is brown water from hot water tank dangerous to your health?

Not normally, however water from a tank-less coil or water tank should not be used for either cooking or drinking water.

Why want water go into your well water tank?

If water doesn't go into the pressure tank you will not have water pressure.

Does the waste water from my sink and bath go to my septic tank?

Yes, if your house has a septic tank water from the sink and bath will eventually goes to the septic tank. However if your house is equipped with a fully dual grey water/black water sewage system, water from the sink and bath will first go to the grey water storage tank, the toilet will fill its tank from the grey water storage tank then flush through the black water pipes to the septic tank.

What is water inside tank?

What will happen if water gets inside gas tank

What happens if you get water in your gas tank?

remove the fuel tank and drain the water

What is a hot water tank?

it is a tank that preheats water and holds until you use it

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