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If he calls you, then block his calls at that time. It should also block all text from him.

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How do you block outgoing text messaging?

Contact your cellular provider for assistance. They can block it in their database.

How is text messaging affecting teen literacy?

does text messaging effect writing outside of text messaging

How do you remove a name from rejected list in Samsung corby pro mobile?

This is the path on most Samsung devices: Reject list for most Samsung devices: To Reject Calls: Recent calls All calls Options Reject list To Reject Text Messaging: Menu Messaging Messaging settings Text messages Block number Once you get to the list and find the number that is blocked then delete that number from the list.

Difference between instant messaging and text messaging?

Text messaging is on your ohone while instant messaging is in your computer (AIM)

How can you text a blocked number?

to text a block number you of to have a computer

Does WikiAnswers have a text messaging service?

No, WikiAnswers does not have a text messaging service.

If text messaging isn't on your cellphone how do you put text messaging on your cellphone?

All cellphones have text messaging unless your cellphone is one of the first cellphones ever invented. Go to your cellphone carrier and talk to them about how to acess your text messaging.

What equipment you need to send text messaging?

a cell phone with text capability and a mobile plan that allows text messaging.

How do you stop unsolicited texts from charging your cell phone bill?

The only way would be to block text messaging. Then said person can't text you, for which you would get charged. Or, if you do use the service, you could add a text bundle, therefore not getting charged for each unsolicited text! Or if you have the number the texts are coming from, and it's just one certain number, you can have that number blocked.

How do you write an essay about effects of text messaging?

Text messaging is something that is well known in today's world. Some people think that text messaging can cause death and is bad for people.

Does Verizon wireless have unlimited text messaging?

Yes, you can choose a Verizon plan in which you get unlimited text messaging.

When did matti makonnen invent text messaging?

Matti Makonnen invented text messaging at the begging on the 1990s.

How can text messaging be used to develop mis reports?

text messaging can be used to analysis for FAQ database.

How does Verizon Wireless stop spam text message cell phone offers?

In order to stop spam text messages with Verizon wireless, there are a few steps. Log into text messaging with your registered Verizon number. You then select "preferences" and then "text blocking". Finally you select teh type of messages you want to block as well as the specific address and then click on save. You can now block all of our spam text.

Can you limit text messaging on ipod 4 with parental controls?

No, sorry you cannot limit it or block it, but you can delete it and change your itunes password.

Is text messaging a daytime activity?

Text messaging is a 24-hour activity; day and night, whenever it is needed.

What does IM mean in text messaging?

IM means instant messaging IM means instant messaging It means Instant Messaging

How do you block text messages?

Ask your phone network to block a certain number

How do you block out your number when you text?

Send text and blocking privacy of source on sender

How much does it typically cost to add phone text messaging?

Different cell phone carriers will charge different prices for their text messaging services. Most offer package deals that allow you a certain number of text massages a month for, such as 500 text messages for ten extra dollars a month. Also offered are unlimited text messaging plans, usually offered for 20 to 25 dollars a month.

What is chris browns text messaging number?

12076769300 we are prettty close friends , so he wont mind i gave you the number (:

What is an SmS number?

An SMS is a text to number. This is used specifically for texting messages. SMS stands for Short Messaging Service.

Does the Motorola flipside have conversational text messaging?

yes just got this phone today the motorola flipside hasconversational text messaging

Why is text messaging so popular-?

Text messaging has become so popular because it is an easy and fast way to communicate with someone.

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