How do you bring up the topic of divorce to your wife of 6 months if you do not want your wife or your parents to blame you and she cries whenever an argument or divorce topic comes up?

If you were "old enough" to get married, you should also be "old enough" to try and make the marriage work. Did you think married life was going to be a fun game to play? Grow up! Figure out why is it you two get into an argument (keep in mind that ALL couples have disagreements). Talk to her and come up with solutions to the problem TOGETHER! Enjoy life together, don't go looking for the easiest way out.

If you really want out then get out. You need to have the balls to do this as quickly as possible, because she has the right to be released from a man that does not love her, so she will have a chance at happiness with a man who would never want to give her up. You are most likely very selfish and will only cause her more years of suffering, so get out of there before you ruin her whole life and future kids' lives by sticking around only because you are too much of a weenie to be honest.