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speed walking, and sprinting will help. sprinting burns fat in a dramatic fashion

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Q: How do you burn fat on inner thighs?
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Related questions

Why do pants or shorts ride the inner thighs?

because you have fat thighs

How do you make your thighs fat?

Eat a lot more calories than you can burn. Unfortunately, you can't just make your thighs fat. You will have to get fat all over.

How do you burn fat and reduce muscle on my thighs?

if you ever have big thighs the way how to do it is to do knee crunches

Is cycling good to burn fat on the thighs?

During exercise, you cannot target a certain area of fat to be burned off. Cycling is a good way to burn overall body fat, but it may be burnt if from other areas of the body before your thighs.

How do you lose fat from your thighs if your 13?

Diet and excercise. You cannot target a specific region for taking off fat. The fat will burn off from anywhere it is located.

If you burn fat evenly throughout your body then how can someone have a flat stomach yet have fat thighs?

I think because, you have to burn then in different ways EX: push ups is for abes; running is for legs.

Best way to burn the fat on thighs?

Participating in total-body, muscle-strengthening activities at least two days a week may help you burn calories, reduce fat mass , and strengthen your thighs. Include lower-body exercises such as lunges, wall sits, inner/outer thigh lifts, and step-ups with just your body weight If you would like me to provide you info on how to burn the fat on thighs Naturally (Backed by Science) Just email me at [weightlossteams @ gmail . com] REMOVE THE SPACES and ill send you all the info you need (For Free of course)

Will swimming help you lose thigh fat?

swimming raises your heart rate with will burn fat everywhere in your body, not just your thighs, bike riding and swimming would help lose fat

What causes acne on your inner thighs?

Sweat and your inner thighs rubbing together can cause more irritation and infection.


well from rubbing. you ever herd of starting a fire well i know people say that. you might not be fat but your weight is carried in your thighs and they rub and will leave you with rash.

Are there any target exercise I can do to help me lose fat in my inner thigh?

There's really no special exercises you can do to just lose inner thigh . But any exercise targeting the legs or thighs will get you results.

How do you burn love handle fat and inner thigh fat?

I used an ab circle pro machine for love handles and inner thigh fat. I dieted too and because of that I have lost ten pounds and my stomach is flatter.

Are fat thighs healthy thighs?

fat thighs, no. but keep in mind fat and bone isn't the same. to some people my thighs are bigger, that's because I'm medium boned. to some people their thighs are bigger than mind. their larger boned. its not always fat, and actually can just be bone

What is a fast way to lose fat from your inner thighs?

Excercises are the main way most specialists advice to loose fat and tone your thighs, if you just eat less and restrict calorie intake you will loose fat from your legs but they will not have much shape or energy as you have not toned any muscle. This is also dangerous which is why following a healthy diet is just as important as excercising your inner thigh muscles. ps; There are thousands of inner thigh workouts online it is just the case of finding the one that is right and most effective for you. Goodluck! x

How do your lose weight on your inner thighs and not your butt?

Please forget the idea of spot reduction. To look better, you need to reduce your overall percentage of body fat.

How do you cure inner leg Chafing?

You can use bandelettes. They go on your inner thighs and stay in place with silicone. Bandelettes keep your thighs from rubbing together and preventing chafing.

What is a good cutting place on your body that no one will notice?

pantyline, upper thighs, inner thighs, mouth

What are your inner thighs called?


How can you get rid of fat thighs?

To get rid of fat thighs, you need to ensure that you exercise more. Also cut down on fat and sugar intake as you take your meals.

Can shingles appear on your inner thighs?

Yes, I was diagnosed with shingles that appeared on my inner thigh.

How do you get rid of cysts on my inner thighs?

how to do i get rid of cysts

Why does one do thigh surgery?

A thigh lift surgery is performed for cosmetic reasons usually. It corrects sagging or loose skin as well as removing excess fat deposits in the inner and outer thighs.

Can you get calluses on your inner thighs?

I don't see why not. We get them on our feet and hands.

Rash upper inner thighs circle shape?

It sounds like it could be ring worm, which will require an anti fungal cream to get rid of it. Also try to keep the inner thighs as sweat free as possible.

How does the body store fat?

the body store's fat by keeping it in their stomach or thighs